March 2017

SIFCO ASC Receives Certificate of Product Design Assessment Confirmation by the American Bureau of Shipping

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Product Design Assessment (PDA)

PrintSIFCO Applied Surface Concepts has received an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Product Design Assessment (PDA) for its SIFCO Process® of selective plating. This designation indicates that a technical evaluation of the SIFCO Process® has proven to be in accordance with the ABS Rules and specified, acceptable standards. An ABS PDA reduces the turnaround time for on-board surface finishing repairs and enhancements by verifying that the SIFCO Process® has already been evaluated and is suitable for use upon ABS-classified vessels.

The ABS has been setting standards for safety and excellence in the marine and offshore industries since 1862. With a team of 200 offices in 70 countries, the ABS along – with its partners – ensure that the marine and offshore energy industries can operate safely, securely, and responsibly.

Meyer_PRMark Meyer, North American Sales Manager states, “SIFCO is very pleased to have received our Product Design Assessment from the ABS. With our PDA, we can now take our experience and knowledge from the naval and military applications to the commercial fleet.”

SIFCO ASC is the creator of the SIFCO Process® – a unique and portable selective plating method used to enhance, repair and refurbish localized areas on components.

Selective plating plays a vital role in the Marine industry due to the significant time and cost savings it can offer in extending maintenance intervals and service life. While the process can be used in the shop to repair worn bearing journals and housings on small generators, pumps and fans; it can also be taken aboard the ship for in-place repairs of large, hard to move, components such as propeller shafts, bearing seats, and turbine casings.

The diversity of the process, deposits and applications have saved engineers thousands of dollars over the years by avoiding the expense of costly downtime, turnaround time and capital investment in new equipment.

October 2016

SIFCO ASC expands into Polish market

polish-releaseGlobal selective plating company, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) has appointed its first Authorised Partner in Poland – surface finishing company, TSR.

The appointment comes as part of a wider strategy to grow SIFCO ASC’s presence across advanced engineering industries in Central Europe.

Mark Cattle, Group Sales Director at SIFCO ASC commented: “Every day we are opening new doors for customers in the manufacturing and engineering industries by showcasing the benefits of the SIFCO Process®*. Poland has a growing advanced manufacturing industry with Dolina Lotnicza (Aviation Valley) in south eastern Poland a perfect example of this trend. With other advanced manufacturing and engineering clusters developing, it makes perfect business sense for us to make the SIFCO Process® directly available. TSR was the obvious choice for us due to its solid reputation as a surface finishing company.”

Warsaw-based TSR was selected as an Authorised Partner due to its technical ability and established contact base in a number of key industries including: oil & gas; power generation; aerospace and advanced engineering.

As with all SIFCO Authorised Partners, the TSR team will benefit from a comprehensive training programme enabling them to identify selective plating applications and deliver a consistent, high quality service to customers.

Adam Radziszewski, founder of TSR said: “The SIFCO Process® is renowned and specified across many industries for its ability to enhance, repair or refurbish critical components so, as you would expect, we are thrilled to become an Authorised Partner for Poland.”

For more information on SIFCO ASC, visit:

*The SIFCO Process® is a unique and portable plating method used to enhance, repair and refurbish localised areas on components.

August 2016

SIFCO ASC to host free event on extending equipment life

World leader in selective plating, SIFCO ASC is holding an event to advise companies on how they can extend the life span of their industrial equipment through selective plating of OEM and worn components.

‘Extending Equipment Life for You and Your Customers’ will take place on Thursday September 15th at SIFCO’s facility in Houston, Texas. At 20,000 square feet, it is SIFCO’s largest service shop in the US.

SIFCO ASC is the creator of the SIFCO Process® – a unique and portable plating method used to enhance, repair and refurbish localized areas on components.

The diversity of the process, deposits and applications have saved engineers thousands of dollars over the years by avoiding the expense of costly downtime, turnaround time and capital investment in new machinery. At the event, attendees will find out how they can realize these benefits during an interactive presentation followed by a live demonstration in the workshop.

Mark Meyer, North American Sales Manager at SIFCO ASC, said: “More and more we are finding companies wanting to consider new ways of saving costs for their businesses. There is still so much potential for selective plating across all industries and we’re using this event to share insight into how this is possible. We are certain that within most, if not all, industrial operations there is a place for selective plating to make a difference.”

Attendees are invited to join at one of four available times: 8-10am, 10am-12pm, 1-3pm or 3-5pm.

To register for the free event, visit:

June 2016

Cleveland-based plating company, SIFCO ASC, builds bikes for local children

DSC_0404 (1)The team at SIFCO Applied Surface Concept’s Cleveland headquarters recently gave up their working day to come together and build bikes for seven local children in need.

As part of a team building exercise, SIFCO employees were grouped into teams and engaged in fun challenges which earned them parts to build the bikes. Once all of the bikes were assembled, the children arrived to personally pick up the bikes – a surprise to all the employees.

The event, known as Wheels for the World, was organized by Team Builders Plus and the children were nominated by the Rockside Church in Independence, Ohio. Johnson (pictured) was thrilled with his bike and said he couldn’t wait to ride it round his block.

Team Builders Plus understands how much of an impact the bikes have on the families. They provide another mode of transportation for the parents as well as enabling the children to take part in a healthy and fun hobby.

Chic Allen, SIFCO ASC general manager, said: “It was awesome to see Johnson’s smile as he tried to decide which bike was going to be his and know our efforts will result in another six underprivileged kids feeling that same sense of joy. I also loved seeing the team’s reaction when they saw their bikes were being handed over to local children. It really made the day worthwhile and brought our team even closer together. Wheels for the World is a great initiative and I would recommend it to any other local business looking to give something back to the community.”

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SIFCO ASC debut SIFCO Process® at World Nuclear Exhibition 2016

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), the world’s leading supplier of selective plating technology, will be exhibiting for the first time at the World Nuclear Exphibition in June. The team will be showcasing the SIFCO Process® and its unique benefits in OEM and repair applications within the energy industry.

The annual exhibition will be held at the Le Bourget in Paris, from 28-30th June and unites key players in the global nuclear energy sector.

The SIFCO Process® is a unique selective plating process which has been engineered to overcome common operational and maintenance challenges facing the industry including component wear, corrosion, fretting and conductivity. Examples include a nickel coating for journal bearing resize and copper and silver applications on bus bars for conductivity.

One of the key advantages of the SIFCO Process® is its portability. Unlike using an immersion tank, the SIFCO Process® allows the operator to plate a very specific area of a component, quickly and easily, in situ and to the required thickness reducing downtime costs and complications. For example, one common issue within the nuclear industry is that once installed turbines can’t be taken out of the facility meaning they need to be repaired in situ. By repairing and protecting the existing components using the SIFCO Process®, companies also remove the cost and logistical implications of purchasing a new part.

The process also minimizes the removal of surface material, which limits the amount of preparation time, and preserves the existing material to retain strength.

Lee Shelton, Managing Director at SIFCO ASC, said: “We are really excited to be showcasing the SIFCO Process® at the World Nuclear Exhibition this month. Often our customers in the power generation sector are challenged with repairing critical components without compromising revenue flow but with our localised approach, we can repair parts in-situ and plate a specific area of a component without incurring downtime costs and logistical repercussions. We have facilities in the UK, France, Sweden and US so we are fully equipped to deliver international engineering requirements for turbine applications.”

For further information about SIFCO ASC, please visit stand 2B-S18 at the WNE or visit

May 2016

SIFCO ASC showcases selective plating benefits at EASA 2016

Attendees of the 2016 Electronic Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Convention and Exhibition are invited to visit SIFCO ASC, world leading supplier of selective plating solutions to learn more about the benefits of selective plating for electro mechanical applications.

Due to take place in Toronto, ON, Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre between June 12th – 14th , the EASA Convention welcomes more than 3,000 attendees from some of the brightest and most innovative names in electrical mechanics.

Selective plating plays a vital role in the electric motor repair industry due to the significant time and cost savings it can offer in extending maintenance intervals and service life. End bells, which house the bearings that support both ends of a motor shaft, often suffer from fretting corrosion during operation. The SIFCO Process® is used to plate the end bell bores to size with nickel and takes significantly less time than alternative methods such as sleeving, welding, thermal spray, or tank plating processes.

For attendees particularly interested in alternatives to chrome plating, SIFCO ASC representatives will be on hand to discuss the benefits of selective brush plating with Hard Nickel (SIFCO Process Code 2085) and why many of their customers are already implementing it as a replacement.

EASA is an annual event which gives professionals from the electric motor repair industry the chance to upskill in their field of expertise covering areas such as repairing motors and pumps, managing business, and finding better ways to serve customers.

Chic Allen, General Manager at SIFCO ASC, said: “EASA is an excellent way for us to show the industry the benefits of selective plating as a cost-effective method of repair and the new technologies we are bringing to market. We are really looking forward to catching up with our current customers  as well as meeting new delegates wishing to understand more on how the SIFCO Process® is used  in the electric motor repair industry.”

The SIFCO Process® is also used in many other industrial applications where surfaces need to be protected, repaired or refurbished such as aerospace, power generation and oil & gas.

You can visit SIFCO ASC at: Stand 1332

To register for the event visit:

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Notes to editors


SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts provide practical, cost-effective selective brush plating solutions to improve part performance and reduce manufacturing costs through corrosion protection, increased wear resistance, increased hardness, improved conductivity, anti-galling or slip. SIFCO ASC surface enhancement technologies and brush plating services have been utilised for over 50 years on both OEM components and on parts requiring refurbishment in the aerospace, oil and gas, general industry and power generation sectors.

About Norman Hay plc

Norman Hay plc is a global chemicals, sealants, surface coatings and engineering group with more than 70 years trading history. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the group operates four main divisions: Ultraseal, the market leader in impregnation chemicals and process equipment; Surface Technology, specialists in the development and application of surface treatments with well-known brands including Armourcote; SIFCO ASC, global leaders in selective plating; NHE, manufacturing bespoke process plant and equipment.

For further information contact Natalie Hunt at Wyatt International on +44 (0) 121 454 8181 or email:

New white paper uncovers best kept aerospace secret

Aerospace Whitepaper CoverThe world’s leading supplier of selective plating technology, SIFCO ASC has launched the first white paper to outline the increased efficiency potential of the process for aerospace applications.

By highlighting the performance and portability of the aerospace approved SIFCO Process®, the white paper makes the case for a wider adoption of selective plating – both for salvage and repair as well as many OEM applications.

Endorsed by Lee Benson, CEO of Able Aerospace Services, ‘Precision and Portability as Standard’ discusses the underestimated value of the SIFCO Process®. Lee comments: “Any new manufacturer or aircraft operator looking to safely repair aircraft components and lower cost is doing themselves a disservice by not considering selective plating for the right applications. The collective cost savings of our global customer base and safety record proves this.”

Using case studies and comparisons with other plating technologies, the paper clearly demonstrates the advantages of the SIFCO Process®, most notably the quality of its mechanical properties, the low cost of capital investment, its viability as an alternative to cadmium, and its ease and speed of use – including its on-site deployment in hangars and in the field.

Innovation in automation

SIFCO ASC also recently unveiled its new automated plating system – a concept not usually associated with the process, suggesting a major step change for SIFCO ASC. The white paper explains how the SIFCO Process® can be automated to deliver cost and productivity improvements across the manufacturing process by using recent examples of machines developed for international aerospace manufacturers.

Derek Vanek, Technical Manager at SIFCO ASC based in Cleveland, Ohio said: “We have serviced the aerospace industry for many years and have numerous prime approvals. The SIFCO Process® is called out in over 30 commercial specifications. However, the changing landscape of the manufacturing sector means companies are hungry for new ways to innovate. This is why we have heavily invested into communicating the benefits that selective plating can provide the industry.”

To download your free version of the white paper visit:

March 2016

SIFCO ASC to launch automated plating system at MACH

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), the world’s leading supplier of selective plating technology, will be showcasing its new automated plating system at the MACH exhibition in April. The team will be exhibiting its automated system’s ability to improve production efficiency, increase process control and reduce costs in surface finishing operations.

SIFCO ASC Automated Plating SystemThe launch comes hot on the heels of the government’s announcement of continued support for investment in developing manufacturing technologies like automation. As an extension of the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA), the Chancellor has pledged £200,000 for each company looking to upgrade and introduce new plant and machinery such as SIFCO Process® Automation.

The biennial exhibition will be hosted at the NEC, Birmingham, from 11-15th April and celebrates advances in the manufacturing industry. With automation dominating industry agendas, the event provides SIFCO ASC the ideal platform to profile its innovative automation process.

The SIFCO Process® is the leading method of electroplating localised areas on components without the use of an immersion tank. This provides a wealth of cost and performance benefits; therefore by automating the process, SIFCO ASC has now introduced an ideal alternative for manufacturers looking to enhance the surfaces of higher volume and complex geometry production components.

SIFCO Process® Automation can be tailored to operate seamlessly within any production process, and deliver accurate and controlled deposits with minimal operator involvement. The process also reduces costs by improving production efficiency, flexibility, coating quality and repeatability.

Lee Shelton, Managing Director at SIFCO ASC, said: ‘We are really excited to be unveiling our automated selective plating system at MACH. Automated solutions are playing an increasingly important role in enhancing the competitiveness of UK manufacturing and we are committed to contributing toward this momentum with our automated plating system. From our UK base we are ideally placed to offer technical support and advice to manufacturer’s looking to increase production efficiency, improve performance and deliver cost savings from their surface finishing operations.

As part of the Norman Hay Group, SIFCO ASC will be exhibiting at MACH alongside sister-company Surface Technology who will be showcasing its comprehensive surface treatment knowledge and expertise developed over more than 70 years supplying the UK manufacturing industry.

For further information about SIFCO ASC or Surface Technology, please visit stand 5974 at the MACH or contact us today.

July 2015

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts Acquires Liquid Development Company

On July 7, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) acquired the assets of Liquid Development Company (LDC). Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, LDC has supplied selective (brush) plating chemicals and equipment throughout the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, China, the Middle East and South America since 1978.

SIFCO ASC’s first priority is uninterrupted access to the products, pricing and service to which LDC customers are familiar. LDC customers can expect “business as usual” following the acquisition, with many of highly knowledgeable LDC team members joining SIFCO ASC to support the continuity of LDC business.

SIFCO ASC has a passion for customer service and assures that customers will experience no disruption to quality or support. SIFCO ASC U.S. General Manager, Chic Allen, believes that the acquisition of LDC aligns with SIFCO ASC’s vision and enhances our ability to deliver value to our customers, partners and employees.  The acquisition accelerates SIFCO ASC’s goal to significantly grow the company and widen our industry leadership through superior execution, differentiation and customer satisfaction.

February 2015

SIFCO ASC and Surface Technology create dynamic force in coatings technology

Norman Hay plc has created a new specialist Coatings Group incorporating SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) and Surface Technology providing a single global access point in surface coating technology.

Lee Shelton, Group Managing Director, Surface Coatings Group

Lee Shelton, Group Managing Director, Surface Coatings Group

SIFCO ASC, which was acquired by Norman Hay in 2012, is the world leading supplier of selective plating services, chemical solutions and equipment as well as creator of the renowned SIFCO Process®. Sister company, Surface Technology offers an extensive range of specialist surface treatments for industrial applications and by combining their technical expertise and market knowledge the group creates a new dynamic force in the coating and surface finishing industry.

The new Coatings Group will be headed by Group Managing Director Lee Shelton, who joined Norman Hay in 2000. Lee, a fluent Japanese speaker, started working for Norman Hay in its impregnation business, Ultraseal International, as Director of International Business, based in Japan. Following several years in key business development and leadership roles for Norman Hay in the Asia Pacific region, Lee relocated to the US in December 2012 as MD of SIFCO ASC.

Lee explained: “Since acquiring the SIFCO ASC business in 2012 and bringing the business into the Norman Hay Group, a number of synergies have emerged. The leadership team at Norman Hay feel that now is the right time to formalise this collaboration by bringing some of the best talent in the industry together under one umbrella. In doing so, we will identify new applications and ways of working which will ultimately benefit our customers’ processes.”

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, SIFCO ASC has operations in three further US states, the UK, Sweden and France as well as partners in Europe, South America, Canada and Asia. Surface Technology, headquartered in Coventry, covers the whole of the UK through seven sites and has plants in Australia and China. In addition to helping the two businesses expand into new locations, the creation of the Coatings Group will also ensure the company maximises its reach in existing markets such as oil & gas, automotive, aerospace and power generation.

Well proven for enhancing, repairing or refurbishing critical components, the SIFCO Process® can now be easily adopted into manufacturing production lines thanks to the company’s recent investment in developing workstations to automate the SIFCO Process®. Lee believes that with the support of Surface Technology, a wider scope of opportunities can be established, providing manufacturers across many industries the opportunity to meet their goals of both increasing quality and productivity and consolidating their supplier base.

When asked what differentiates Norman Hay’s Coatings Group from competitors, Lee said: “Our knowledge and expertise are unrivalled. The industries in which we are most prominent are heavily regulated, such as aerospace, automotive and also oil & gas. Customers in these sectors need reassurance that they are dealing with suppliers who are technical experts driven by the most robust standards and processes to meet highly demanding specifications. We now have more engineers and Quality Managers in our group than ever, with a combined service of 243 years.”

Significant investments are being made into recruitment, such as the recent appointment of a new European Sales Manager and a Design Engineer on the robotics side, along with refurbishment of existing facilities and new equipment.

Vic Bellanti, Chief Executive of Norman Hay, concluded: “We already receive requests from customers to offer a wider range of services in order to keep their supplier base to a minimum and now, through our Coatings Group, we offer an enhanced one-stop, multi-coat, capability. The team will now be selling the combined capability of the Group rather than one individual company.”


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