3 Ways Automation Transforms Selective Plating: #2


3 Ways Automation Transforms Selective Plating: #2

Continuing our series of automation blog posts, Derek Kilgore, Mechanical Design and Project Engineer, explores the second way businesses can feel the benefits of automated selective plating.

#2 – Improved safety for operators

Alongside the improvements in the operation’s results brought about by automation, the safety of operators is also elevated. Reducing risk to the operator by removing them from repetitive tasks and ergonomically unfavorable positions, the capacity of skilled workers is increased to focus on other areas of the business. In turn, mechanical systems are able to replicate the application process identically every time, ensuring high levels of consistency without the need for operator intervention.

As well as improving working conditions and safety for operators, automation also leads to greater levels of efficiency and profitability. Mechanized set-ups allow for operations to run smoothly and consistently until completion, making for greater levels of productivity and the potential for reduced lead times.

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