3 Ways Automation Transforms Selective Plating: #3


3 Ways Automation Transforms Selective Plating: #3

Continuing our series of automation blog posts, Derek Kilgore, Mechanical Design and Project Engineer, explores the third way businesses can feel the benefits of automated selective plating.

#3 Enhanced sustainability

Looking more closely at the operation itself, an automated approach also opens up opportunities for improved sustainability. Robotic equipment, which is capable of working around-the-clock until the completion of a particular application, also utilizes chemicals more efficiently, using only the volumes required at each stage of the selective plating process. In turn, waste – and environmental impact – is significantly reduced when automating the process of selective plating for OEM or the remanufacturing of components.

So, in this time when industry is seeing the benefits of automating traditionally labour-intensive processes, selective plating has now been transformed into a state-of-the-art solution which can be semi or fully automated to best suit the task at hand. Bringing with it the potential for improved accuracy, safety and sustainability, automated selective plating is helping to transform the workplaces of the future.

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