Extend the service life of electric motors with selective electroplating

Extend the service life of electric motors with selective electroplating

Selective electroplating (aka brush plating) is a highly effective method to repair and refurbish critical components in electric motors that have been worn, damaged or corroded.

From bearing journals, shafts, coils, housings and more, selective electroplating can restore these components back to OEM standard and extend their service life.

By choosing to go with selective electroplating, components can be repaired quickly, cost effectively and often at a convenient location to you, whether that is in a job shop or in-situ and on-site.

Where selective electroplating can be used to repair electric motors

From applications with higher-than-normal mechanical stress, or those located in harsh or corrosive environments, here are some examples of where selective electroplating can be used to maintain electric motors and repair electric motor components:

  • Electric Motor End Bells
  • Bearing Journals
  • Bearing Housings
  • Slip rings
  • Shafts
  • Coils

Advantages of the SIFCO Process® for electric motor repairs

Safe, controlled process for better health and safety

  • Compared to alternative methods like thermal spray, selective electroplating is much safer repair technique that is carried out under controlled conditions.
  • Minimal PPE required for selective electroplating, and chemicals are applied selectively to a defined area, so that wastage and disposal of chemicals is kept to a minimum.

Strong, reliable surface coating with maximum adhesion

  • Selective electroplating forms a stronger bond in comparison to thermal spraying and welding.
  • Uses electrolysis to bond to substrates at the atomic level - offering a higher bond strength
  • Can be used with a range of deposits to offer different attributes, including corrosion protection, conductivity, anti-galling, hardness, and wear resistance.

Practical, cost effective, convenient solution

  • Selective electroplating is performed at room temperature, reducing costs by making it possible to use vinyl tape or polyester tape for masking areas off.
  • Little pre- and post- machining required as brush plating provides precise deposit thicknesses
  • Highly flexible – electric motor components can be restored in a job shop, through an automated process or on-site thanks to portability of the SIFCO Process®.

Low maintenance, quick and highly sustainable

  • Only four core elements are required for selective electroplating: a power pack, plating tools, plating solutions and a trained operator.
  • Reduce shipping costs and carbon footprint by carrying out electric motor repairs on-site.
  • Consumes very little energy and chemicals, and very little maintenance and servicing required for selective electroplating tools and power pack.

Ongoing training from SIFCO ASC’s expert repair technicians

  • Full training programme provided by SIFCO ASC’s experts for job shop operatives.
  • Ongoing upskilling for job shops with SIFCO ASC technology.