Get the most out of your spring shutdown


Get the most out of your spring shutdown

Are you struggling with wear and corrosion? Don’t wait until your spring shutdown to fix the problem.

The SIFCO Process is portable and can be performed directly on the area in place. Whether you need to disassemble the component, or not, the SIFCO Process is rapid and precise and can be performed by our certified technicians or yours, on-site or in one of our facilities.

The benefits of using the SIFCO Process versus other surface repair methods include:
• In-place Repairs – no disassembly required
• Faster Turn-around Time – 50-60x faster than tank plating
• No Part Distortion – most of our solutions are used at room temperature
• Precise Thickness Application – no post machining required
• Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Solutions Available

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