SIFCO ASC’s Global Partner Conference Results in New Relationships and Business Development Success


SIFCO ASC’s Global Partner Conference Results in New Relationships and Business Development Success

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), the market leading supplier of selective plating technology and solutions, recently hosted a three-day Global Partner Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

The conference, which brought together more than 50 SIFCO ASC members and partners representing 18 countries, provided a platform for the SIFCO ASC family to share their successful, innovative applications of the SIFCO Process® and best plating practices. In addition to building relationships and new contacts, the conference was also a commercial success as two partners have embarked on a new business venture together.

Kristinko Cik, Division Sales and Marketing Manager of SIFCO ASC’s Austrian partner, Lahner KG, said: “After meeting for the first time at the conference, two partners from different countries have won a repair order together. This illustrates the value of the Global Partner Conference and the opportunity for SIFCO ASC’s partners to network with each other.

“For the meeting to be held in Cleveland, the very place where the success of the SIFCO Process® began was very fitting. The presentation of new solutions was compelling and the opportunity to network with new partners exceeded our expectations.”

The Global Partner Conference brought together partners of SIFCO ASC to reconnect, share experiences and build new relationships within the company. Thais Araujo, Coordinator of Research and Development of Super Finishing do Brasil, said: “The conference was well organised and the program content was excellent.

“We were able to learn new processes and techniques during the conference and to network with SIFCO ASC’s global partners. The enthusiasm from the SIFCO ASC team made for a positive, productive and enjoyable event.”

Lee Shelton, Group Managing Director of SIFCO ASC, said: “The goal of the conference was to promote the advances we are making to the SIFCO Process®, and to better understand the needs of our global customer base. We’ve received positive feedback from the conference, which we believe will aid the continued development of our products and services.”

The SIFCO Process® is a portable method of electroplating localized areas without the use of an immersion tank. SIFCO Process® plating can be used to repair damage caused by wear, corrosion or mis-machining or for enhancing surface characteristics and performance for OEM components.

A part of Norman Hay plc, SIFCO ASC has been helping its customers meet their selective plating requirements for over 50 years. The SIFCO Process® is supported in over 18 countries on four continents through our network of distributors and licensed job shop partners.