SIFCO ASC Presents: Plating in Grooves


SIFCO ASC Presents: Plating in Grooves

SIFCO ASC Groove PlatingSIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), the world’s leading supplier of selective plating technology, presented “Plating in Grooves” a webinar which covered alternative surface finishing methods, and plating techniques for o-ring grooves, recesses, keyways, threads, and other complex shapes.

With a positive outlook for the oil and gas market comes investment in new capital equipment, as well as refurbishment of old equipment to ensure the maximum lifetime value. With rigs operating sometimes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the constant wear and fatigue on the equipment causes corrosion, galling threads, ineffective seals, or worse.

The o-ring on the hydraulic cylinder provides a fundamental protection if it maintains proper dimension. But what do you do when your o-ring groove is out of dimension or damaged? Reaching these unique areas is not practical for your typical surface finishing techniques such as tank plating. In order to remain competitive, one must look for innovative ways to reduce costs while simultaneously reducing downtime and keep their equipment running longer.

The SIFCO Process® can be tailored to operate within many production processes and delivers accurate and controlled deposits. Learn about the groove plating technique and advancements from SIFCO ASC’s technical experts, Derek Vanek, Technical Manager, Danijela Milosevic-Popovich, R&D Manager, and Derek Kilgore, Mechanical Design and Project Engineer.

You can watch the webinar On-Demand! Business Review Webinars will be hosting the on-demand webinar on their site until November 2019.

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