SIFCO ASC Completes Expansion at Swedish Site


SIFCO ASC Completes Expansion at Swedish Site

The world leading supplier of selective plating technology and solutions, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), has completed the expansion of its Swedish facility.

Sweden_SiteExtensionThe project commenced in September 2013 and took eight months to complete. The expansion of its existing facility in Rättvik, Sweden, has added 250m² to the facility, bringing the plant’s total area to 680m².

Providing a large amount of selective plating work for the power generation industry, SIFCO ASC Sweden’s customers include Siemens and ABB. The Rättvik plant, which was purchased in 1993, was frequently working at full capacity prior to the expansion due to high customer demand.

Lee Shelton, Group Managing Director at SIFCO ASC, said: “The expansion gives SIFCO ASC Sweden the opportunity to develop its business and shows how SIFCO ASC is continuing to grow with the support of Norman Hay plc. The Rättvik factory is SIFCO ASC’s foothold in the Nordic region and this development should enable us to extend our services, not only across Scandinavia but also to Russia.

“The additional space at our Swedish site will allow further sales growth through increased capacity and manpower, whilst at the same time facilitating site layout improvements that benefit the health and safety of all employees.”

General Manager at the SIFCO ASC Sweden plant, Jan-Olov Olsén added: “It’s great to have completed the expansion. The Swedish plant handles the largest components across SIFCO ASC but previously had the smallest work floor area. The expansion will solve these issues and allow the facility to increase its workload.

“The expansion will be a huge benefit to SIFCO ASC. It will allow an increase in efficiency across the floor and the facility is more economical due to the addition of space. It will allow us to develop new business and new markets, and we can now offer improved service solutions to our customers.”


In addition to the expansion of the site, Rättvik’s municipality has allowed SIFCO ASC Sweden to lease part of the neighbouring plot to create a new access road which will bring improvements to the loading and unloading of goods at the site.

With over 50 years’ experience, SIFCO ASC has been helping customers meet their selective plating requirements. Selective plating is a portable plating method used to enhance, repair, and refurbish localised areas on manufactured components.