SIFCO Process® Showcased at EASA to Help Extend Service Life


SIFCO Process® Showcased at EASA to Help Extend Service Life

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), world leading supplier of selective plating technology and solutions will be showcasing the versatility of the SIFCO Process® at the Electronic Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Convention and exhibition 2014.

The EASA Convention will take place at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts on June 29th – July 1st. It is an annual event which gives professionals from the electric motor repair industry the chance to upskill in their field of expertise covering areas such as repairing motors and pumps, managing business, and finding better ways to serve customers.

Selective plating plays a vital role in the electric motor repair industry due to the significant time and cost savings it can offer in extending maintenance intervals and service life. End bells, which house the bearings that support both ends of a motor shaft, often suffer from fretting corrosion during operation. The SIFCO Process® is used to plate the bores to size with copper, tin, or nickel and can take less time than alternative methods such as sleeving of thermal spray processes.

The SIFCO Process® is also used in many other industrial applications where surfaces need to be protected, repaired or refurbished.

Lee Shelton, Group Managing Director of SIFCO ASC, said: “We are really looking forward to exhibiting at EASA this year and building rapport further-afield as well as educating people on the key benefits of selective plating in the electric motor repair industry.”

You can visit SIFCO ASC at: Stand 1113