Every second a vessel spends in the shipyard is one where it’s not creating value. And the cost of disassembly, transport, repair and re-installation of components can be immense. So, it’s good that the SIFCO Process® of selective electroplating brings repair and protection on-board.

Portable, quick and supported by our industry-leading team, the SIFCO Process® gives you a smarter way to enhance, repair, and protect components of pumps, motors, valves and engines in situ – and get your fleet back out there, creating value, faster.

The diversity of the process, deposits and applications have saved engineers thousands of dollars over the years by avoiding the expense of costly downtime, turnaround time and capital investment in new equipment. The SIFCO Process® also meets critical specifications such as MIL-STD 2197 (SH) and NAVSEA requirements.

If you think the SIFCO Process® of selective plating is the right repair application for your ship, please contact us. A team of trained technicians can be sent as soon as you need them, or you and your crew can be trained in the process to complete the repairs yourselves.

For more information, visit www.sifcoasc.com/marine, or call us at 800-765-4131.