Repairing Complex Petrochemical Components Through Selective Electroplating

The petrochemical industry is entering one of its most volatile eras in its history, and the need to minimize downtime and maximize margins is crucial.

Any time petrochemical plants are down for longer than the scheduled maintenance period, or are in unplanned downtime, means a loss in production and profit. The role of turnaround managers and maintenance planners has never been more important, and they must select methods of repair that are quality assured, reliable, and cost effective.

Selective plating is a surface coating method highly suited to many repair and maintenance applications in the petrochemical industry. Download our whitepaper to find out:

  • What selective electroplating is and how it works
  • The types of repairs selective electroplating can be used for
  • How selective electroplating can create coatings suited for high wear and corrosion resistance
  • Why it is a cost effective, sustainable choice in the petrochemical industry

Download the Whitepaper

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