Selective Plating Industry Specifications

Our surface enhancement technologies and services have been utilized for over 50 years in the aerospace, power generation, oil & gas, and military industries.

The SIFCO Process® adheres to numerous industry, military, AMS and federal specifications.

Finishes Descriptions Military AMS Federal
Brush Plating Selective Plating – US Navy Mil-Std-2197 (SH)
Brush Plating Selective, Brush Plating, Electrodeposition Mil-Std-865 2451
Brush Plating Nickel Nickel Brush Plating 2451/1 QQ-N-290
Brush Plating Nickel Nickel Low stress, Hard Brush Plating 2451/2
Brush Plating Nickel Nickel Low stress, Low Hardness Brush Plating 2451/3
Brush Plating Cadmium LHE Cadmium Brush Plating 2451/4 QQ-P-416
Brush Plating Chromium Chromium Brush Plating 2451/5
Brush Plating Copper Copper Brush Plating 2451/6
Brush Plating Nickel Nickel Low Stress, Medium Hardness Brush Plating 2451/7
Brush Plating Silver Silver Non-cyanide Brush Plating 2451/8 QQ-S-365
Brush Plating Zinc-Nickel Zinc-Nickel Brush Plating 2451/9
Brush Plating Tin-Zinc Tin-Zinc Brush Plating 2451/10
Brush Plating Cobalt Cobalt Brush Plating 2451/11
Brush Plating Tin Tin Brush Plating Mil-T-10727 * 2451/12
Brush Plating Silver Silver Brush Plating 2451/13 QQ-S-365
Nickel Plate Plating, Nickel General 2403 * QQ-N-290*
Nickel Plate, Hard Sulfamate Nickel, Hard 2423 *
Nickel Plate, Soft Low Stress Sulfamate Nickel, Soft 2424 *
Copper Plate Plating, Copper Mil-C-14550 2418 *
Gold Plate Plating, Gold Mil-G-45204 2422 *
Cadmium Plate Plating, Cadmium 2400, 2401*
Silver Plate Silver Plating, Electrodeposited 2412 * QQ-S-365 *
Zinc-Nickel Plate Plating, Zinc-Nickel Alloy 2417 *
Tin-Zinc Plate Plating, Tin-Zinc Alloy 2434 *
Tin Plate Tin Plating, Electrodeposited Mil-T-10727 * 2408 *
Anodizing Anodized Coatings Mil-A-8625 * Type I, II & III

* Specifications marked with an asterisk are tank-plating standards. SIFCO ASC deposits meet the performance requirements of these standards.