Our teams of experts are unrivaled for their experience in selective plating, and all follow the ethic that no matter the circumstance, the steps are the same:

  • Listen to the customer’s challenge
  • Learn as much as possible about the situation or application
  • Leverage all available resources, both internally and externally
  • Locate the most appropriate solution and lead the effort to develop one
  • Effectively launch the solution to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction.

Executive Teams

  • United States

    Chic Allen – General Manager

    Chic Allen

    General Manager
    T: 216.524.0099 x 126
    E: callen@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Chic has been with ASC for nearly 9 years and serves as Operations Director for North America. He is responsible for leading operations activities in the four US locations. He is a Lean Manufacturing practitioner and drives improvements utilizing Toyota Production System principles. Chic is the leader for the SMART initiative at SIFCO ASC. He has a strong technical and manufacturing operations background; and he has progressed from Engineering Lab Technician to Plant Manager, Manufacturing Manager and VP Operations for companies ranging in size from $1 to $30 M. Chic has a Bachelor’s degree in General Management from Cleveland State University.

    Kristi Baker – Manager of General Accounting

    Kristi Baker

    Manager of General Accounting
    T: 216.524.0099 x 156
    E: kbaker@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Kristi has been with SIFCO ASC since 2005 and has earned Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Business Management and Marketing. She also pursued an additional degree in Information Technology and is known to be a techno-geek. Kristi supports both external and internal customers and believes in treating everyone as the #1 customer. When not in the office, Kristi can be found at a sporting event or boating on Lake Erie.

    Chris Bzdusek – Operations Manager

    Chris Bzdusek

    Operations Manager
    T: 216.524.0099 x 180
    E: cbzdusek@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Chris has been with SIFCO ASC for nearly 10 years and serves as the Operations Manager for the US. He has a strong technical and manufacturing background having experience in high volume production supervision, manufacturing engineering and plant management. Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

    Danijela Milosevic – Research & Development Manager

    Danijela Milosevic-Popovich

    Research & Development Manager
    T: 216.524.0099 x 141
    E: dmilosevic@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Danijela has been with SIFCO ASC since 2005. She is responsible for the design and execution of lab programs to develop and evaluate current products, new products and plating applications. She also provides the technical support and assistance to the quality, contract service and solutions manufacturing groups. She graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in chemical engineering. She then continued to earn her Master of Engineering Management from Ohio University. Prior to joining SIFCO ASC, she worked in the semiconductor (IBM) and rubber industries.

    Todd Romanski – International Market Manager

    Todd Romanski

    International Market Manager
    T: 216.524.0099 x 125
    E: tromanski@sifcoasc.com
    International Sales
    BIO: Todd’s nearly three decades of business experience bridges two seemingly distinct areas – initially in trade show/event marketing and, for the past twenty years, he has been engaged in industrial marketing, sales and business development for capital equipment manufacturers. However, across both phases, his approach to business and customer satisfaction remains the same – to be a dedicated problem solver and to remain passionate about discovering effective solutions to client needs.

    A resilient “badger” from the state of Wisconsin, Todd comes by his tenacity and “willingness to dig” naturally. As a proud father of four, his personal interests are happily his children’s passions, and have included ice hockey, Irish dancing and Scouting.

    Lillian Smereczynsky – Quality Manager

    Lillian Smereczynsky

    Quality Manager
    T: 216.524.0099 x 154
    E: lsmereczynsky@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Lillian joined SIFCO ASC in 2009 and serves as the Quality Manager. She earned an Associate’s in Business Management in Pennsylvania and draws on her experience as Quality Engineer and Quality Systems Engineer from previous companies. She has a strong background in Aerospace and Automotive operations; in addition to her knowledge in quality management systems and processes. Lillian is featured as ASQ’s ‘40 New Voices of Quality’.

    Tony Arana – Southwest Sales Manager

    Tony Arana

    Southwest Sales Manager
    T: 216.524.0099 x 178
    E: tarana@sifcoasc.com
    AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, Mexico
    BIO: Tony Arana has been with SIFCO ASC for nearly 30 years, straight from Technical College. Tony helps customers successfully identify and implement solutions using the SIFCO Process®. He lives in The Woodlands in Texas with his wife and three kids. Tony is an avid sports fan; especially fast-pitch softball, soccer; and has a hopeless golf game. Tony serves as our South Central Territory Manager.

    Tom DiCillo – Midwest Sales Manager

     Tom DiCillo

    Midwest Sales Manager
    T: 216.524.0099 x 155
    E: tdicillo@sifcoasc.com
    ND, SD, MN, NE, KS, OH, OK, AR, MO, IA, WI, IL, IN, MI, MB
    BIO: Tom DiCillo joined the SIFCO ASC sales team in 2018. He has been in the metal finishing industry for over 20 years, with a background in masking and parts protection. For the last 10 years Tom has been in outside sales covering mid- and northeast US. Tom has worked with many companies from large OEMs to small job shops. His understanding of applications, needs, and time requests make him a great fit for the midwest area and to SIFCO ASC. Tom, his wife, and his 2 daughters are life-long Clevelanders.

    Andy DeLeon – Contract Service Manager - Houston, TX

    Andy DeLeon

    Contract Service Manager – Houston, TX
    T: 216.524.0099 x 137
    E: adeleon@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Andy has been with SIFCO ASC for over 15 years and serves as the Contract Service Manager in Houston, Texas. He leads by drawing on his knowledge in quality management systems and processes as well as his experience as a plating technician in contract service. Andy has his Associate’s degree in Environmental Systems Technology.

    John Langan – Contract Service Manager - Cleveland, OH

    John Langan

    Contract Service Manager – Cleveland, OH
    T: 216.524.0099 x 149
    E: jlangan@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: John joined SIFCO ASC in 1983 as a Contract Service Plating Technician progressing onto the role of Contract Service manager breaking ground with opening of our Connecticut Contract Service shop. Being drawn back to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio he served several years as Manager of Training and Technical Consulting Services. John currently serves as the Contract Service Manager in Cleveland, OH. He enjoys the challenges and achievements in meeting customer’s selective plating requirements in a wide variety of applications in commercial and military industries. John has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Finance from Walsh University, Canton Ohio.

    Dave Parmenter – Contract Service Manager - E. Windsor, CT

    Dave Parmenter

    Contract Service Manager – E. Windsor, CT
    T: 216.524.0099 x 176
    BIO: Dave has been with SIFCO ASC for over thirty years, and serves as the Contract Service Manager in E. Windsor, Connecticut. In his role Dave has been instrumental in building lasting relationships with our local customer base and has an extensive knowledge of the SIFCO Process. As shop manager, he focuses on quality and on-time delivery. The CT shop is successful due to Dave’s drive to always meet the demanding delivery requirements of our customers. Dave loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, as well as reading, skiing, traveling and investing. Dave also likes learning new things, including website development. He currently is the webmaster for his church and has consulted on the website for local historical society.

    Marc Cantini – Contract Service Manager - Norfolk, VA

    Contract Service Manager – Norfolk, VA
    T: 216.524.0099 x 177
    E: mcantini@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Coming soon.

    Jeff McArthur – Technical Support

    Jeff McArthur

    Technical Support
    T: 216.524.0099 x 169
    E: jmcarthur@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Jeff originally joined SIFCO in September of 1998 as a plating technician. During his time, Jeff worked as shop supervisor, and assisted in plating design for automation. Before his leave, Jeff was the Contract Manufacturing Manager for the Cleveland facility. In 2011, he took the role of Operations Manager for a medical device manufacturing company and ultimately rejoined the SIFCO team as Technical Support in 2016.

    Jeff has three lovely daughters with whom he is very involved and loves being healthy and active. In his free time, he enjoys running and racing.

    Scott Peterson – Sr. Training Manager

    Scott Peterson

    Sr. Training Manager
    T: 216.524.0099 x 167
    E: speterson@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Scott has been with SIFCO ASC for nearly 35 years and has played a large part in our exceptional customer technical support. He has represented SIFCO ASC on many industry committees, while publishing and presenting technical papers on the SIFCO Process®. He began as a plating technician and was promoted to Service Shop Manager at the Connecticut facility. He has since been Technical Service Manager and our Aerospace Market Manager. He worked in the Aerospace market, selling contract service work and equipment for 8 years. He now serves as the Sr. Technical Training Manager and oversees the Training Department.

    Michell Trivelli – Trainer

    Michell Trivelli

    T: 216.524.0099 x 159
    E: mtrivelli@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Michell joined SIFCO ASC in 2014 with over 25 years of training experience and 9 years of brush plating experience. She holds numerous training certifications and believes that training should not only be educational but also fun. On the job and in her free time, Michell loves to travel and met new people.

    Carolyn White – Customer Service Representative

    Customer Support Representative
    T: 216.524.0099
    E: cwhite@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Supports Western Canada, Southwest United States, Mexico and International Territories

    Carolyn White joined the SIFCO ASC family about 3 years ago as a Customer Service Representative. Her main responsibility is handling the customer’s needs and responding to them in a timely manager where as it’s processing orders, quoting or giving status on their accounts.  The CSR’s are the customer first line of contact and we speak for the customers.

    Carolyn has been in the Customer Service field for over 20 years working with various manufacturing companies and has a wealth of experience.  She was born and raised in Alabama (Roll Tide) and has one son.

    Carmen Crites – Customer Support Representative

    Customer Support Representative
    T: 216.524.0099
    E: ccrites@sifcoasc.com
    BIO: Supports the Northeast United States and Canada, as well as Training inquiries.

  • United Kingdom

    Carl Hamilton – General Manager

    Carl Hamilton

    General Manager
    T: +44 (0)1527 557740
    E: c.hamilton@sifco.co.uk
    BIO: Carl started work in the shop at SIFCO ASC in 1996. Working closely with his peers, he soon progressed to workshop supervisor and then onto internal sales and technical support for customers, where his practical hands-on experience and good knowledge of the brush plating/anodising process has helped him advance to sales manager. Today, Carl currently serves as the General Manager for SIFCO ASC UK.

    “We have a close team and it is very important that we all work together, helping and supporting each other as much as possible, constantly moving the business forward.”

    Over the years Carl has enjoyed several different sports, martial arts, rugby and going to the gym, although the call of a more relaxed arm chair environment is currently more appealing. He enjoys time with the family and socialising with close friends.

    Mark Dorgan – Technical & Sales Manager

    Mark Dorgan

    Technical & Sales Manager
    T: +44 (0) 1527 557740
    E: m.dorgan@sifco.co.uk
    BIO: Mark joined SIFCO ASC in 2005 as a plating technician, and has experience is many areas of the surface coatings industry including: automotive painting, powder coating and tank electroplating. In 2011, he transitioned to Territory Sales Manager and began as Technical Manager in 2016. In his role, Mark is responsible for sales and on-site customer training in the European and ROW territories. He also serves at the primary contact for SIFCO ASC’s European Partners. Mark enjoys travelling for both work and holidays. He is a sports fan of rugby, soccer, golf and motor racing; and has a keen interest in music.

    Johnathan Hands – Production Manager

    Johnathan Hands

    Production Manager
    T: +44 (0)1527 557740
    E: j.hands@sifco.co.uk
    BIO: Johnathan joined SIFCO ASC in March 2006 with 10 years of experience in tank electroplating. In his current role he enjoys the opportunity to carry out training and educational sessions at the customer’s facilities. In his free time, Johnathan likes to read, study and travel.

    Dr. Ani Zhecheva Brain – REACH & Quality Systems Coordinator

    Dr. Ani Zhecheva Brain

    REACH & Quality Systems Coordinator
    T: +44 (0)1527 557740
    E: a.zhecheva@sifco.co.uk
    BIO: Ani joined SIFCO ASC in July 2005 and is the REACH & Quality Systems Coordinator. Since 2011, her main focus has been to improve the Quality systems as well as to implement Health & Safety and Environmental systems within the company. Ani is responsible for keeping all European SIFCO SDS forms up to date so that they comply with current legislations. She is also the main REACH coordinator within the group.

    Ani has a PhD. in Materials Science from Queen’s University of Belfast, UK. Her thesis was ‘Experimental Study and Modelling the Process of Surface Gas Nitriding of Titanium Alloys.’ She also has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria. Ani is an author and a co-author of over 20 papers published in leading scientific journals.

    Tom Middleton – Customer Service / Sales Administrator

    Tom Middleton

    Customer Service / Sales Administrator
    T: +44 (0)1527 557740
    E: t.middleton@sifco.co.uk
    BIO: Tom has been with SIFCO ASC for nearly 4 years having joined the team at the start of 2014, and has over 6 years of experience in Internal Sales. He graduated from Birmingham City University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Engineering Product Design. Tom enjoys playing the bass guitar, as well as running and the gym. Tom is a keen footballer, playing for a Worcester-based Football team on the weekends.

  • France

    Nathan Desselas – General Manager

    General Manager

    BIO: Nathan joined SIFCO ASC France in 2022. He has extensive experience in Operations Management, Project Management and HSSE, having worked for a major Oil & Gas company for more than 9 years.

    He holds an Engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP). His favourite quote is: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. “

    Patrick Kerampran – Operations Manager

    Engineering Manager

    BIO: An electromechanic by training, I arrived by chance in the field of surface treatment in 1982.

    The multiple projects in which I have collaborated since this period allow me to address the needs related to surface treatment by implementing original techniques such as selective treatment by circulation and of course electrolysis with a buffer.

    My motto: think differently to deal in less time with innovative materials that are sources of profit and improved productivity.

    Frédéric Louis – Sales Manager

    Sales Manager

    BIO: After more studies focused on metallurgy and materials treatments, I chose the path of surface treatments almost 30 years ago.

    I then discovered the many possibilities of selective treatments by applying these techniques on many industrial sites around the world.

    I joined SIFCO ASC in 2000 as Sector Technical Sales Manager and then as Business Manager.
    Today I take care of the technical and commercial follow-up of customers, training and the company’s Quality System.
    I attach great importance to respect for human values. My business trips, like private trips, allow me to meet other cultures and social points of view.

    “Exchange and communication keep us from conflicts and misunderstanding”

    Noémie Queiros - Administrative Assistant

    Administrative Assistant

    BIO: Noémie joined SIFCO ASC in 2008. Since then, she has been instrumental in ensuring customers’ satisfaction.

    Besides, Noémie drives our supply chain process making sure we deliver the highest possible OTD rate.

    Julie Martin - QEHS Manager

    QEHS Manager

    BIO: Julie has master degree in materials science engineering and joined SIFCO ASC 2 years ago. As QEHS Manager, Julie not only drives the performance of our Quality Management System but also makes sure that our CSR goals are met. Before that, Julie was our methods and industrialization engineer. In this role, she did demonstrate her hands-on approach and the great doer she is.

    Loïc Maloto - Production Manager

    Production Manager

    BIO: Loïc holds a senior technician certificate in surface treatment and joined SIFCO ASC 6 years ago as a technician.

    In 2020, Loïc becomes production manager. In this capacity, he supervises and manages the activities of the production department to achieve performance objectives

    Isabelle Pasteau - Finance & Administrative Manager

    Finance & Administrative Manager

    BIO: Isabelle holds an accounting degree. She has worked in chartered accountancy and auditing for 4 years and she worked in different sectors, subsidiaries of international groups for 19 years as an administrative and accounting manager. Isabelle joins SIFCO ASC in June 2022, as administrative and financial manager.

  • Sweden

    Michael Olsén – General Manager

    Michael Olsén

    General Manager
    T: +46 70 659 90 66
    E: michael.olsen@sifco.se
    BIO: Michael has worked at SIFCO ASC since 2006. The first years as a service technician, then working with sales and now is Service Manager since 2011. It is primarily him you should turn to for inquiries regarding service work. If you do not find Michael in the office or at a customer’s, he is probably in the floorball arena in Falun as he is a dedicated IBF Falun supporter. Other interests are consumer electronics, motorcycles and cars.

    Stefan Karlsson – Service Manager

    Service Manager
    T: +46 70 799 91 71
    E: stefan.karlsson@sifco.se
    BIO:Stefan has worked at SIFCO ASC since 2017. The first time as a service technician before becoming Service Manager. He is primarily the one you should turn to when you have questions about service work.

    If you can’t find Stefan in the office or the workshop, he’s probably in the boat out on the lake trying to catch a pike.

    Mikael Pellas – Technical & Sales Manager

    Mikael Pellas

    Technical & Sales Manager
    T: +46 70 399 91 75
    E: mikael.pellas@sifco.se
    BIO: Mikael worked in the air force industry for eight years, with R&D, production and marketing. He has worked at SIFCO ASC since 2008, then as a service technician for the first five years. Mikael is now responsible for sales. It’s him you should turn to for product sales. Mikael lives in Rättvik with his wife and daughter, and the dog Digger. Mikael’s hobbies are hunting, shooting, fishing and other wilderness life.

    Elisabeth Matsson – Economy


    Lars Larsson – Service Technician

    Lars Larsson
    Service Technician

    Peter Peres – Service Technician

    Service Technician

    Conny Brorsson – Service Technician

    Service Technician

    Jonas Brändström – Service Technician

    Service Technician

    Victor Wermelin – Service Technician

    Service Technician