Selective Plating for Petrochemical Plant Maintenance

The SIFCO Process® for selective electroplating is useful in helping chemical and petrochemical plants execute fast, efficient and cost-effective maintenance turnarounds.

By utilizing the SIFCO Process® for selective plating, maintenance engineers and general contractors can repair pumps, motors, flanges, valves, and other components on-site by applying metal to the components without the heat or distortion caused by welding or flame-spraying. Technicians can plate to size, often without the need for post-machining.

Undertaking cost effective repairs in Petrochemical plants

Selective Plating for Petrochemical Plant Maintenance

With the global clampdown on the use of plastics, and the over overcapacity of petrochemical processing facilities,  engineers must do all they can to reduce the probability of unplanned downtime that creates losses in production and profit. The SIFCO Process® is a portable, efficient and economical way of performing surface treatment repairs and maintenance in-situ.

As the SIFCO Process ® is fully portable, the plating up to 100 different metals and alloys is possible without the use of tanks.

Common selective plating applications Petrochemical plants

Selective Plating for Petrochemical Plant Maintenance

Ideal for surface coating repairs and enhancements to localised areas including flat surfaces, inside and outside diameters, it allows you to rebuild shafts and stems that are worn or pitted, in many instances without complete disassembly.

Electric motor end-bells can be resized quickly and easily usually without post-machining making it faster than sleeving. Corroded flanges can be filled and capped with a more corrosion resistant material without removing the flange and wear rings can be coated with a metal that is more wear-resistant which increases the component’s useful life.

Common applications include:

  • Dimensional Restoration
  • Wear Resistance
  • Anti-Galling and Slip
  • Improved Hardness
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Defect Repairs 
  • Prebraze

The process is up to 60 times faster than tank plating meaning rapid metal build-ups are possible. The process is true electrolytic plating, so the metallic bond is atomic in nature, resulting in superior adhesion when compared with other processes such as flame spraying.

If you’d like to find out more about the SIFCO Process® for Petrochemical plants and maintenance, speak to one of our technicians today.

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