Selective Plating for the Railroad Industry

SIFCO ASC has served the Railroad industry for over 50 years with selective plating products for Association of American Railroads (AAR) Certified Repair Shops.

The primary application is for re-sizing worn roller bearing axle journals.


According to the AAR, maintenance requirements for worn roller bearing axle journal repairs occur every 300,000 miles. In the rail industry, welding, sleeving, and spray applications are not approved repair processes. The SIFCO Process® is used to selectively plate the roller bearing axle journal to size with a high-speed nickel; and machining the journal, prior to plating, is usually only necessary to re-establish concentricity.

Other applications include:

Selective Plating for the Railroad Industry
  • Rebuild seal wear ring areas
  • Restore oversize bearing cones
  • Repair pits, scores and damages to hydraulic and seal surfaces
  • Recondition worn bearing seals, saddles and end bell housings

The SIFCO Process® is used in many industrial applications where ID, OD and flat surfaces need to be enhanced, repaired or refurbished. The SIFCO Process®:

  • Eliminates outside service costs
  • Eliminates handling and transportation expenses
  • Reduces turnaround time
  • Requires no disassembly, repair in-place
  • Reduces downtime

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