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Improve the quality, flexibility, and safety in your selective plating operation with the TechnoPlate® power pack.

Developed over two years, the TechnoPlate® incorporates feedback from our technicians and customers which helped create a unit that is not only user friendly but also in line with today’s demands for traceability and consistency.


The TechnoPlate® will bring many benefits to your plating operation:


The TechnoPlate® was designed with portability in mind. 30% lighter in weight and with a convenient and comfortable handle, it makes it easy to move the unit around the shop or in the field.


With a keypad and dials to adjust volts and amps, the TechnoPlate® offers the ultimate flexibility. On certain models, the unit comes with a detachable and adjustable control unit. The technician can position the controller on the unit for easy viewing or detach the controller for use up to 10 feet away* from the unit – perfect when working in tight spaces. (*3 meter cable available upon request).

Quality Consistency

For repeat jobs, the TechnoPlate® offers the option to store up to 99 steps. This means the technician will not need to adjust the volts, amps, or polarity throughout the operation. Simply push a button to move from one step to the next.


Each unit is designed with overload protection. This will protect the part by immediately turning off the output power to the lead if the unit is overloaded.

Advanced Features

  • Fully Digital Controls
  • Adjustable Front Cover
  • Dual Input Voltage
  • Pole Changer
  • Reverse & Ampere Hour Alarms
  • Switch Mode Technology: for maximum regulation accuracy, low ripple & high efficiency
  • Constant Voltage & Current Regulation

TechnoPlate® Power Packs

Sizes Available

  • TechnoPlate® 15-20-115/230
  • TechnoPlate® 15-50-115/230
  • TechnoPlate® 30-20-115/230
  • TechnoPlate® 60-20-115/230
  • TechnoPlate® 150-25-198-242v
  • TechnoPlate® 150-25-342v-506v

Derek Kilgore, Technical Manager at SIFCO ASC, said: “The TechnoPlate® has been in development for more than two years as our team have worked to create a range of equipment which improves the selective plating process for users. The beauty of our plating process is that it is entirely portable, meaning it can be applied virtually anywhere, requiring only a power pack, plating tools, small volumes of solutions and a trained operator. By making the power pack lighter, easier to use and building in improved functionality, the selective plating process is more flexible than ever and delivers consistent quality every time. Now we have the TechnoPlate® fully developed to perfectly complement the selective plating process.”

TechnoPlate® Power Packs



Our Advanced Power Packs are still available in the 300 and 500 amp models.

For more information on our 300 and 500 amp visit our Catalog Navigator here.

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