Improve process control, reduce turnaround time, improve safety, and increase productivity with SIFCO ASC’s automated plating systems.

From robotics to workstations, SIFCO ASC designs customized plating systems to electroplate or anodize localized areas on components. We provide full turnkey solutions that fit seamlessly into your operation.

Automated Plating Systems

With SIFCO ASC’s automated plating systems, we can help you meet OEM production specifications, have better control over your supply chain, and deliver improved visibility, traceability, and repeatability on plating requirements.

Automating your plating operation

Our technical design and project engineers will help create a tailored automated plating system customized to your exact requirements and objectives. Automated systems can be applied in almost any sector, including aerospace, power generation, marine, OEM production, electric motor and industrial engineering and manufacturing.

Watch our video on how we can automate your selective plating operation.

Automation capabilities


  • Robotic arms and handling systems
  • Servo driven linear actuation


  • Fully automated and customized workstations
  • Tailored workbenches

Automated process controls

  • Automated power packs
  • Automated solution controls
  • Solution level detection and ampere hour meters
  • Flow rate meters

Data logging and traceability

  • RFID tagged anodes and parts
  • Real time reporting of critical KPIs

Benefits of automated plating systems

Increased productivity and throughput

  • Automated plating reduces the possibility of human error and fatigue for better productivity
  • More reliable deposits and plating to exact dimensions and thicknesses
  • Automated systems are able to work around the clock, with faster deposition rates over tank plating and more accuracy meaning less post-plating machining is required

Improved safety and ergonomics for operators

  • Workers can be relieved from ergonomically unfavorable, repetitive tasks, and in turn, improve consistency and quality
  • Handling and exposure to solutions is minimized, helping improve working conditions and wellbeing for operators and technicians

Full traceability and repeatability

  • Improve process controls through automated plating systems. SIFCO ASC’s systems can log data on plated parts through RFID tagging and barcode tagging for a full overview of plated components
  • Improve auditing and repeatability. With automated process controls, there is no deviation in the specification, ensuring a uniform finish for each and every component, no matter the batch
  • Have full traceability and real-time data monitoring through bespoke controls and interfaces

Reduce turnaround times

  • Lower your turnaround times by installing an automated plating system from SIFCO ASC
  • Reduce shipping costs and outsourcing to plating job shops

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