Job Shop Plating for OEM and component repair

Trust the selective plating experts with your critical components at a SIFCO ASC job shop.

We understand your need for a professional technical team to handle your selective plating requirements. Our mission is to help you achieve your operational objectives and maximize your profitability by repairing and enhancing your components at a job shop in locations throughout the world.

OEM and component repair during COVID-19

We’re committed to help tackle the pandemic and keep crucial sectors such as power generation, aerospace, oil and gas, the military and marine operating. Our team of experienced technicians are closely monitoring the situation and following governmental advice on medical, social, and commercial matters to best protect all those that they work with, so that these key industries can get the repairs to critical components quickly and efficiently.

Only key maintenance engineers and selective plating technicians are on-site at SIFCO ASC’s locations in the US, UK, France and Sweden, while all non-critical office staff are working remotely.

We have the flexibility to support your needs from our strategically located facilities across the world.

Find a service shop from our global network of certified job shops close to you

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