The following commercial specifications were written around the SIFCO Process®, Dalic®, Selectron®, and LDC® plating processes.

Commercial Specifications

Company Spec No. Company Spec No.
American Airlines P12-16 Gulfstream GAMPS 6103
Bell Helicopter BPS 4312 Lucas Aerospace PCS-2141
Bell Helicopter FW 1309 Messier Dowty PCS-2143
Boeing BAC 5854 Messier Dowty PCS-2144
Boeing BAC 5664 Parker BPS 4511
Boeing BAC 5849 Parker LP 15
British Aerospace BAE 146 Pratt & Whitney SPOP 321
Douglas P.S. 13113 Pratt & Whitney PWA 36953
Douglas DPS 9.89 Pratt & Whitney PWA 36960
Douglas DPS 9.28 Rolls Royce – Allison EPS 10245
Dowty Aerospace PS118 Schlumberger CSP-152
Dowty Aerospace PS137 Schlumberger CSP-153
Enventure F07.00067 Siemens 83228u1-u4
FMC C80167 Sikorsky SS 8494
FMC C80122 Sikorsky SS 8443
FMC C80137 Solar Turbines ES 9-431
GE Oil & Gas VGS6.2.14 Tenaris-Hydril TSH-PP-00.0008
Goodrich GES 6.92 TRW Aeronautical Systems Lucas Aerospace SPD 1000
Goodrich LGPS 1102 VAM RLTI-75