Selective Plating for oil and gas component repair and refurbishment

Serving the Oil & Gas industry for over 50 years

From offshore on-site repair to large component plating, we have been saving the oil & gas industry valuable time and cost for more than half a century.

ID Plating

From premium pipe threads to couplings and housings, our selective plating for Inside Diameters can enhance, repair or refurbish your critical components.

Wherever you are, we are.

Reduce turbomachinery downtime with the SIFCO Process® of selective plating.

The next phase of protection

Discover and debate the corrosion solutions set to replace cadmium

Ready for whatever the Earth throws at you.

Portable selective plating maintenance and repair solutions proven in the toughest mining environments.

The SIFCO Process®

Watch the SIFCO Process® and discover the benefits of selective plating in our new video

Aircraft landing gear and turbine repair and refurbishment

Landing Gear Repair

Our selective plating can be applied to aircraft landing gear on-site, saving costly downtime.

SIFCO ASC selective plating application videos

What is Selective Plating?

Our library of selective plating videos demonstrates how we apply our surface enhancements

Selective Electroplating

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) is your vital resource for enhancing, repairing or refurbishing critical components through selective electroplating.

The SIFCO Process® is the leading method of selective electroplating localized areas on components without the use of an immersion tank. We provide contract services, chemical solutions and equipment for surface enhancement to improve component performance, minimize downtime and reduce manufacturing costs.

With over 50 years technical knowledge and expertise, SIFCO ASC – a Quaker Houghton company – is the largest supplier of contract selective electroplating and anodizing services in the world. We operate from headquarters near Cleveland, Ohio, USA and several other US and European locations. We also operate a global network of licensed job shops and distributors.

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