About Us

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) has been providing selective electroplating and anodizing services, chemical solutions and equipment for over 50 years.

Recognized as the global leader, we help our customers meet their selective plating requirements. SIFCO ASC has several strategically located facilities that can provide technical resources throughout the life cycle of your products:

  • In the concept and design phase, we offer R&D and Engineering expertise to develop a solution for your application.
  • In the production phase, our technical support team of Consultants and Contract Service Technicians can provide the skill and labour to carry out the most demanding applications.
  • Our procurement and logistics teams ensure solutions, supplies and equipment are readily available when and where you need them.
  • Our sales and technical staff support you throughout the process.

SIFCO ASC works closely with global partners to assure access to the same quality products and services worldwide.

History of SIFCO ASC and the selective plating process

Originally developed in Paris, France by Georges Icxi, the metal finishing technique, known as selective plating, evolved from simple touch-up of tank plated parts to a wide variety of salvage, repair, and surface enhancement applications.

Mr. Icxi was joined by Mr. Daloze, and together they created the first commercial selective plating process in 1945. They were granted a French patent for their work in 1948.

In 1954 a firm was incorporated in Toronto to manufacture and distribute the selective plating solutions and equipment. Two distributors were established in the US to market the selective plating process. Marlane Development Inc. was appointed for distribution in the east and Piddington and Associates was given a similar distributorship on the west coast.

Steel Improvement and Forge Company (later known as SIFCO Industries Inc.) bought the Toronto firm in 1959 and moved all operations to Cleveland, Ohio. The new business was known as SIFCO Metachemical, a subsidiary of the parent company. Manufacturing of Dalic® products began immediately and over the following years the SIFCO Process® has been enhanced by continuous research and development.

Another selective plating process was introduced in 1960 when Marlane Development Company introduced the Selectron Process. Selectrons, Ltd. produced both solutions and equipment and created the term “Electrochemical Metallizing” to describe their process. Selectrons Ltd. subsequently moved from New York City to Waterbury, CT and later established a European manufacturing and distribution facility in Redditch, UK. Subsequently other distribution locations were opened by Selectrons in Paris, Singapore and Tokyo.

In 1981 the name SIFCO Selective Plating was created by SIFCO Industries, Inc. Expansion activities began and included the acquisition of Piddington and Associates on the west coast along with the establishment of contract service job shops in the metropolitan areas of Hartford, Los Angeles, Seattle, Virginia Beach, Tampa, and Charlotte. The operation moved from Cleveland (at the SIFCO Forge Division site) to the suburb of Independence in 1973. A major expansion was completed in 1990 and a second plant was occupied in 1992.

In June, 1992 SIFCO Industries Inc. acquired the worldwide assets of Selectrons Ltd. and began marketing the Selectron® line under the SIFCO Process® umbrella. Selectron’s manufacturing operations were moved to Independence, Ohio and former Selectron operations in Redditch, Paris, Singapore and Tokyo became subsidiaries of SIFCO Selective Plating.

SIFCO Selective Plating opened a contract service job shop location in the greater Houston, Texas area to meet the increasing demand of the Oil & Gas industry.

The name was changed to SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts to reflect the division’s expansion into broader technologies. Both solution lines have been enhanced over the years and numerous military and commercial specifications have been developed.

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts purchased Selmet, a contract service job shop in Rättvik, Sweden to expand global presence. The Rättvik location also distributes all SIFCO ASC products and equipment. SIFCO ASC now has seven service facilities located in Independence, OH; East Windsor, CT; Houston, TX; Norfolk, VA; Bromsgrove, UK; Rättvik, Sweden and Saint-Thibault des Vignes, France.

In 2006 the Selectron® and Dalic® Solution product lines were consolidated under the umbrella of SIFCO Process® solutions. Products unique to selective plating evolved including:

  • low-hydrogen embrittlement cadmium that did not require a post-bake
  • selective sulfamate nickels in three different hardness levels
  • anodizing gels
  • a low hydrogen embrittlement zinc-nickel developed as an environmentally friendly replacement for cadmium
  • non-cyanide silver developed as a safe alternative to traditional tank cyanide silver


SIFCO ASC was acquired by Norman Hay plc. The Norman Hay Group is a global chemical, sealant, surface coating and process plant specialist with over 60 years of trading history.

SIFCO ASC acquired the assets of Liquid Development Company (LDC). Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, LDC has supplied selective (brush) plating chemicals and equipment throughout the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, China, the Middle East and South America since 1978.


Norman Hay plc was acquired by Quaker Houghton. Quaker Houghton (NYSE: KWR) is the global leader in industrial process fluids. With a robust presence around the world, including operations in over 25 countries, their customers include thousands of the world’s most advanced and specialized steel, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, offshore, can, mining, and metalworking companies.