Selective Plating for the Mining Industry

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Selective Plating for the Mining Industry

During heavy mining operations, Off Highway Vehicles and mining equipment are under constant strain – inevitably damaging common components, typically affecting hydraulic systems, transmissions and final drive.

That’s why extending the lifecycle of these existing assets through fast, reliable and cost-efficient maintenance is crucial in today’s economic climate. After all, the US scrap rate of 82 million metric tons of metals is already condemned by governments worldwide. And new industry-specific environmental legislation is imminent.

So if a component is too large for tank plating, an area too small to mask the component for tank plating, or an in-situ repair required, what are the viable options?

We believe the SIFCO Process® is the definitive solution.

A unique method of selective electroplating localized areas on components without using an immersion tank, it improves component performance, minimizes downtime and reduces manufacturing costs – implemented manually, mechanized, or automated for high volumes.

Need some real-world evidence? Discover here how one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of large surface mining equipment achieved annual savings of almost $100,000 just by salvaging cylinder head failures – thanks to The SIFCO Process® in action.

The SIFCO Process® applies any metals traditionally carried out by tank electroplating (particularly nickel, copper, cobalt, nickel-tungsten, cobalt chromium carbide, silver, gold and platinum) to deliver wear resistance, hardness, and dimensional restoration. Key applications include resizing wheel hub bores and axle bearing seats, and repairing differential housing, pinion gear journal defects, and hydraulic rams.

Our innovative solution also delivers on other vital considerations for the mining industry: enhanced wear resistance, increased surface hardness, and low electrical contact resistance or corrosion protection.

With over 50 years’ expertise, a team of highly technical engineers and an innovative R&D department, we’re the world’s largest supplier of contract selective electroplating and anodizing services.

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