Encapsulating Plating: Increasing throughput and repeatability for complex plating applications

All over the world, manufacturing firms are under pressure. Regulatory and cost pressures mean that organizations are embracing new processes to increase throughput and improve efficiency without compromising the quality of their finished product. Patrick Kerampran, Engineering Manager at SIFCO ASC France, explores how a new plating method could be the key to delivering improved repeatability, faster throughput, and reduced scrap rates for complex plating applications.

Encapsulated plating provides an ideal alternative when the volume of parts to be plated is too high for brush plating, but too low or too complex for tank plating. While the main advantages mirror those of brush plating, including minimized masking and waste generation, no need to immerse the entire part and a fast plating rate, the nature of the process means that it can be used to plate parts with highly complex geometries and dimensions.

Having a fast and efficient way to plate parts with recessed areas, sharp corners or circulator geometries such as pipes or couplings stands to significantly increase process efficiency across a range of industries.

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Encapsulated Plating Whitepaper

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