SIFCO ASC manufactures and sells the highest quality selective plating deposits and coatings.

SIFCO ASC offers over 50 solutions to meet almost every selective plating application. The main plating deposits and coatings are listed below and are available in various chemistries to meet specific application or deposit requirements.

Metals Alloys Anodizing Speciality
Cadmium Babbitt Type I Chromic Chromic-Sulfuric
Cadmium LHE Cobalt Chromium Carbide Type II Sulfuric Chromate Conversion Coating
Cobalt Cobalt-Tungsten Type III Hardcoat Olive Drab Chromate Conversion
Copper Cobalt-Nickel Boric-Sulfuric Nickel Acetate
Gold, Non-Cyanide Gold Nickel-Phosphorus Chromic-Sulfuric
Indium Nickel-Tungsten
Iron Zinc-Nickel LHE®
Silver, Non-Cyanide Silver
Sulfamate Nickel AeroNikl®

Technical Information

SIFCO ASC offers guidance on basic technical support to full selective plating application developments. Click here for SDS, videos, quality accreditations, specifications, and more.

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