Don’t take our word for it, view testimonials from our customers.

“Aeromexico, as the biggest and most important airline in Mexico as well as a CFR 14 Part 145 Repair Station, feels proud to have the support from SIFCO ASC and especially from Scott in order to increase our shop ratings reducing cost.”

– Tonatiuh Diaz Aguila, Maintenance and Operations Training Manager, AeroMexico

“I would highly recommend their services to any company that is interested. I fully believe with their knowledge of plating and processing coupled with the friendly staff they can solve any issue or at least give the insight needed to help you reach a good conclusion.”

– Phillip Hoff, Able Engineering

“Thanks Scott for SIFCO’s support! We could not support our troops without your chemicals and equipment.”

– Patrick Zych, Plating Shop Supervisor, Corpus Christi Army Depot

“They are continually able to meet our delivery demands and exceed our expectations and requirements. I would highly recommend them to any company that may have a need or interest in electroplating services and/or equipment.”

– Andrew Petrinic, President, J.A. Machine Tool Co., Inc.

“SIFCO products have consistent quality and trouble-free application (it works the way they say it will). Vector Aerospace has been using SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts for over fifteen years and has had an outstanding relationship with them throughout and will for many years to come.”

– Vittorino Pecoraro, Lead hand, Vacuum Furnace, Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services – North America

“Siemens would like to thank the excellent training staff at SIFCO for providing customized and individualized training for our Siemens Energy technicians. Siemens has been working with SIFCO for over 10 years in the application of Silver Plating Processes & Training to meet the electrical needs for the Power Generation Industry.”

– Steve Hanchuk, Generator Services Training Coordinator, Siemens

“SIFCO has always managed to adapt to our demands: high, low, and spikes. We thank you and your team of professionals for adapting to our needs and at the same time managing to achieve 100% OTD for the past 12 consecutive months.”

Maria Lopez, Procurement Specialist, Halliburton Drill Bits & Services

“The training and support supplied by SIFCO ASC keeps our maintenance technicians up to date with the latest developments in brush cadmium plating processes. SIFCO has been a comprehensive and reliable provider of equipment, supplies and value-added services for Pentastar for many years.”

Gary Roberts, Director of Quality Control, Pentastar Aviation, LLC.