A portable all-in-one solution to dripless plating with SIFCO ASC’s Advanced Solution Control System.


At SIFCO ASC, we continually strive to improve the plating process.

It remains our mission to provide safer, cleaner work environments when using the SIFCO Process® of selective plating. And, with the recent launch of our encapsulated plating technology, capitalizing on these two processes was the natural next step in the development of our dripless plating systems.

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The Tools:

Dripless Anodes

ASCS SMART Dripless Tooling (patent pending)

We developed a collection of dripless anodes for the ASCS to cover a variety of geometries and contact areas, ranging from 0.07dm² (1 in2) to an incredible 1dm² (15.5 in2).

The patent pending dripless tools allow for flexibility in your application and deposit. Technicians can use a variety of cover materials such as white TuffWrap, PermaWrap, or cotton jacket, no different than standard brush plating.  And no matter the tooling the deposit can be plated in any orientation… horizontally, vertically, and upside down with no difference in performance or result – this alone is a significant achievement compared to the standard brush plating process.

In addition, the tools can be combined – creating infinitely shape-shifting scalable electrodes to meet the most specific plating applications.

The Carts

The ASCS is currently available in two sizes:

The Nano

The ASCS Nano (patent pending)

The compact design on the Nano is best for basic operations of two process steps or less.

This patent pending, manual unit utilizes the TechnoPlate® with its removable controller, allowing the technician to continuously monitor the amps and volts without ever having to turn around. Recommended applications:

– Anodizing
– Zinc-Nickel
– Cadmium
– Passivation

The Prime

ASCS Prime (patent pending)

Handles the most complex applications and can hold up to nine different plating solutions.

This fully automated, patent pending, system is programmed to send the preparatory and plating solutions to and from the area of enhancement directing the plating solutions back to their original containers while directing preparatory solutions and water rinses to a waste containment system.

The innovative cleaning-in-place feature utilizes SMART waste management technology, eliminating the risk of mixing harmful chemicals – allowing for applications such as Anodizing, Zinc-Nickel and passivation, Cadmium and passivation, Nickel and Nickel-Tungsten, Copper, Silver, and Gold.

Equipped with a built-in rectifier and HMI, it allows the technician to continually monitor the operation and log data in real time. It also has an integrated pumping system and utilizes the TechnoFlow® heated flow system for any applications requiring heated solutions.

Essentially the full plating operation in the footprint of a standard pallet.

The Results

With the Advanced Solution Control System, the applications are essentially endless. And after hundreds of samples being put through our rigorous tests, we can confidently say that the repeatability and reproducibility of the deposits plated with the dripless tools are comparable if not improved over the standard brush plating processes.

Tests Performed:

  • ASTM B117
  • ASTMB571

The Benefits

By using the ASCS, technicians will experience an increase in safety, a limited process footprint, and operational gains. With the use of the dripless tooling, not only will exposure to fumes and chemicals be significantly reduce, but waste will also decline with the use of less masking, cover materials, and cleaning supplies.

  • Optimization and standardization of cycle times
  • Increased throughput and productivity
  • Programmable parameters for process control and consistency
  • Reduced human errors
  • Reduced labor
  • Reduced ergonomic risk
  • Reduced chemical exposure
  • Data logging/reporting

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