Did you know, SIFCO’s solution manufacturing occurs in Cleveland, Ohio? This means with the winter months upon us, freezing temperatures and hazardous road conditions can cause frozen or delayed shipments. Now is the time to start thinking about stocking up on the solutions that you may need throughout the winter.

In preparation for these conditions, we’ve continued our research into the effectiveness of our frozen solutions. This shows the results of testing conducted on our most commonly used plating solutions. Testing was completed to determine the effects of exposure to extreme cold temperature for 24 hours at 20 degrees Fahrenheit to determine their usability.

While preparatory solutions are not affected by extreme cold temperatures; plating solutions, when exposed to freezing temperatures – in storage or in transit – may freeze completely or “salt out” by forming slush or solid crystals at the bottom of the container.

This slush can usually be re-dissolved with vigorous shaking once the solution has been returned to room temperature. In some instances, heating the solution may help, although the maximum operating temperature should not be exceeded. If the salts do not re-dissolve, the solution is not usable.

If your solutions are not listed in the guide, and you are unsure about it’s usability, contact our Technical Service at 800-765-4131.