Die tooling specialist, Lasercomb Dies produce steel counter plates, which are lined with grooves that are used to form creases in carton packaging. However, when the alignment for one of the creases was in the wrong position, it resulted in aesthetic damage to the stainless-steel die print piece. Initially, Lasercomb was unsure as to whether the component was still fit for use and was considering replacing it, but after exploring the implications of producing an identical component, it became clear that carrying out a repair was a more viable option.

Fortunately, the damage was in a very small localized area, therefore a quick setup could be achieved with minimal masking. Given the nature of the issue, there were relatively few options available, these being selective plating and tank plating. The problem with the latter was it offered relatively little control of the deposit and since the damage was limited to a small area, it would need a vast amount of masking, hence, selective plating was the more practical option. This method offers control when applying the deposit by and was able to fill the damage dress back, apply the cap and blend into the finish.

The SIFCO Process® was so successful that the component was restored to perfect condition, resulting in savings in excess of £2,500 – what it would have cost to re-produce the component.

Perhaps even more significant is the minimal impact the repair had on productivity. Had Lasercomb been unable to salvage the component, they would have needed to produce another – which could have taken up to 30 hours, as well as incurring extra cost for materials and associated production costs.

Kevin Holmes, Quality Manager at Lasercomb, explained: “We are extremely grateful to SIFCO ASC for providing an effective solution to a potentially tricky issue. By taking the time to assess the options available to us, SIFCO ASC was able to identify the most appropriate way to rectify the problem, saving us considerable time and money. Above all, the quality of the repair was outstanding to the extent that it was impossible to tell that the component had ever been damaged. We were extremely satisfied with the service we received and would be happy to use them again moving forward.”

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