Damage to hydraulic rods and rams ranging from light scratches to deep impacts and corrosion damage can be permanently repaired by selectively plating using the SIFCO Process®. Defects are typically repaired with one or more layers of copper, then covered with a wear resistant deposit with good release or wetting characteristics. The SIFCO Process® is the ideal application to repair damage on a part that may otherwise be scrapped. With our process, a technician can perform a local repair on the specific area that is damaged – eliminating the need to strip and re-chrome the part. The SIFCO Process® is also fully portable, enabling repairs to be carried out in-situ.

The pictures below show the various stages of an in-situ repair to a damaged hydraulic rod. These types of repairs are easily completed on rods and rams made up of carbon or stainless steel that have been plated with chrome or nickel. Copper is applied to the damaged area and then dressed back to just below the surface. Finally, a thin layer of cobalt-nickel is applied to a slightly larger area and then polished to match the surface texture.

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