Instead of thermal spray or immersing parts in a tank, selective plating is commonly applied via a hand‑held tool – which is why it is also referred to as ‘brush’ plating. The operator soaks the tool in the plating solution and then applies it via an absorbent cover wrapped over the anode of the plating tool. A direct current is supplied via a portable power pack, and the operator keeps the tool in motion, ensuring an even deposit.

The SIFCO Process® can handle most metals traditionally applied by tank electroplating, along with others including copper, cobalt, nickel‑tungsten, cobalt chromium carbide, silver, gold and platinum. So how will the SIFCO Process® benefit you?

  • Safety – it requires lower volume, and less toxic chemicals, than other processes
  • Flexibility – it can be applied to a wide range of geometries and sizes
  • Integrity – performed at room temperature, selective plating eliminates the risk of heat distortion
  • Choice – the SIFCO Process® family includes selective electroplating, anodizing and electropolishing
  • Excellent adhesion – comparable or superior to tank plating in most applications
  • Quality – most brush plated deposits are metallurgically dense and free of defects, and meet or exceed the requirements for tank electroplates
  • Low hydrogen embrittlement – without the need for a post-plate bake
  • Speed – in addition to faster deposition rates (30‑60x faster), the SIFCO Process® often requires no component disassembly, and less masking
  • Hardness of finish – lies within the broad range of performance obtained with tank deposits
  • Plate to size – there often no requirement for post machining
  • Portability – the SIFCO Process® is a mobile technology which can be performed on site or in the field.

To learn more about how the SIFCO Process is improving the aerospace industry, download our whitepaper.