Selective plating is a well-established and reliable process which has already been written into multiple aerospace specifications. It not only exceeds the fundamental requirements of aircraft manufacturing, repair and maintenance processes, it also provides a full circle of benefits, including quality, durability, cost saving, portability and time saving.

But by automating the selective plating process operators can review captured data to determine if the operation was completed correctly. If any errors occurred, or quality standards weren’t met, operators can review the data and trace the error to its source and assign the appropriate corrective action, preventing the errors from being repeated – effectively improving traceability and repeatability within the process. Additionally, automation reduces the ergonomic risk to the operator, and also increases the available capacity by allowing skilled operators to focus on the core business processes.

These benefits can clearly be seen in the aerospace industry with SIFCO ASC’s recent, and highly regarded, work with leading manufacturers of aircraft engine and landing gear components in the UK and USA.

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