Brushing Aside Gear Repair Issues

While simple on the surface, gears are complex components and once they start to wear and tear while in service, it can be an even more complex job to repair them.

Repairs must be well considered and executed correctly, and the gear must remain strong enough to handle the day-to-day operation or setting that it is in. Otherwise, it can cost even more than the initial cost of refurbishment, when factoring in downtime and lost productivity costs.

This is where brush plating offers a versatile, flexible solution for many gear repair jobs. Along with being able to make repairs on-site, the SIFCO Process® of selective electroplating is highly effective. The precise nature of selective electroplating means it can apply the plating material accurately and requires very little time to set up. Unlike with alternative repair methods, post-machining or treatment of the gears frequently are not required because plating can be done to size. Due to the low temperature of the process there is no risk of changing the structure of the base material and with that its properties.

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