Suitable for a comprehensive array of aerospace equipment, including airframes and engines, electronic housings, landing gear, turbine blades, actuators, bearing journals, bushing bores, flap tracks and axles, the SIFCO Process® can be used for a range of applications, including:

Corrosion Protection. With low hydrogen embrittlement and no baking required, repairs can be made in situ with minimal or no disassembly.
Pre-Braze. Turbine components and frames are nickel plated to ensure proper wetting of the surfaces to be brazed. Selective plating offers a fast, consistent and cost-effective method of application.
Surface Enhancement. The application of nickel or a nickel alloy improves the hardness and wear resistance of the component.
Refurbishment. MRO applications use nickel or sulfamate nickel for dimensional restoration of an inside or outside diameter on the component.
Anodizing. Repair applications replace worn or damaged hardcoat with a new, anodized hardcoat coating.
Viable cad alternatives. Above all, the SIFCO Process® offers viable alternatives to applications using cadmium plating.

A safe, high quality cad alternatives

One of the most pressing challenges facing industry today is the question of cadmium. A known carcinogen, cadmium is being replaced in many sectors but remains the plating of choice in aerospace because of its performance.

However, government and environmental concerns are forcing manufacturers to find alternatives. Calling on years of experience and significant investment in R&D, SIFCO ASC has developed a range of well-engineered and proven cad alternatives that deliver excellent performance, while posing minimal risk to either operator or the environment.

While detailed studies show these alternatives do not perform well in tanks or as a thermal spray application, they deliver excellent results via selective plating, offering superior sacrificial corrosion protection for steel by combining the barrier protection of tin, with the galvanic protection of zinc.

A less toxic alternative to repairing cadmium, zinc-nickel, and damaged IVD aluminum on high strength steels, Zinc-Nickel LHE® can be applied in the shop or in the field, and does not require a post-plating, hydrogen embrittlement relief bake.

In addition to delivering a high-quality finish which extends service life, using the SIFCO Process® with Zinc-Nickel LHE® enables immediate and cost‑effective repairs caused by damage, wear, corrosion or mis‑machining. Without the need to remove the part from the aircraft, logistical costs are eliminated, and downtime and production delays are minimized. Essentially a drop-in replacement for cadmium, SIFCO ASC continues to strive to remove the barriers to switch.

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