Visiting MACH 2016? Here’s 5 reasons why a visit to SIFCO ASC on stand 5974 is a must

1. Improve end product performance: If you manufacture components that will be subject to heat, pressure, corrosion, wear, galling and friction then surface engineering is a must. The SIFCO Process® provides a wide range of chemical solutions to electroplate substrates with a material that enhances the component’s performance but, unlike other processes, is localised to the areas where coating is required. For many applications this means it is a process that offers a quicker, more efficient and cost effective method than masking and tank plating.

2. Enhanced production control: The scalability of the SIFCO Process® means it is a process that benefits manufacturers of all shapes and sizes, from tier component suppliers to OEMs. The SIFCO Process® provides a solution that enables manufacturers to keep more of their processes in-house and remove the logistics and scheduling issues of outsourcing to a third party for material plating and finishing.

3. Automation that is built to fit you: See SIFCO Process® automation in action on stand 5974 at MACH and discover why companies are enhancing their manufacturing process with automated SIFCO Process® technology. Benefits include reduced total product cost, assurance of consistent high quality, production traceability and efficiency.

4. Repair and refurbish rather than replace: The unique precise targeting of the SIFCO Process® means it is the most effective form of repairing and refurbishing worn or damaged material structures. Whether a component is worn or mis-machined, SIFCO ASC has a job shop service which regularly re-builds scored and damaged materials back to new. With a base in the West Midlands, as well as multiple sites in the US, France and Sweden, SIFCO ASC is well placed as a repair and refurbish partner for multinational OEMS.

5. Quality assurance: SIFCO ASC is certified to ISO9001:2008, AS9100 Rev C and ISO14001:2004. SIFCO ASC also holds multiple Nadcap accreditations and commercial specifications from manufacturers including; Boeing, Messier-Dowty, Rolls-Royce, GE Oil & Gas, Siemens, Pratt & Whitney and many more.