Many plastics molders who utilize the selective plating process for mold repair have found the process equally useful in press and machine maintenance. Scores or scratches in chromed hydraulic actuating cylinders are filled with copper and then capped with nickel or cobalt. This type of repair can be performed without disassembling the cylinder from the press and without the need to strip and re-plate chrome.

What’s more, worn gate areas or damaged parting lines may be repaired to eliminate flashing by the use of selective plating. After the amount of wear in the gate area is measured, the digital ampere-hour meter is used to control the amount of metal deposit needed to resize the gate precisely without the need for subsequent machining. Chipped or damaged parting lines are repaired in similar fashion. However, most parting lines coincide with sharp angles in the mold.

The portability of the SIFCO Process®, together with the minimal masking and solution required, make selective plating an effective and efficient repair process for the Mold & Die industry.

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