What is Selective Plating

What is Selective Plating

What is Selective Plating?

Selective electroplating is a portable plating method used to enhance, repair, and refurbish localized areas on manufactured components

The SIFCO Process® is the leading portable method of selective plating localized areas without the use of an immersion tank. It is primarily used for enhancing surfaces on OEM components, permanent repairs and salvaging worn or mis-machined parts.

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SIFCO ASC Surface Treatments:

  • Provide corrosion protection
  • Improve wear resistance
  • Improve solderability or brazing characteristics
  • Decrease electrical contact resistance
  • Prevent galling
  • Serve as bearing surfaces

Advantages of the SIFCO Process®:

  • Process can be performed on-site
  • Simple to operate
  • Rapid plating on small to medium size areas
  • Components can be plated in-situ
  • Reduces the amount of masking required
  • Parts too large to tank plate can be processed
  • Reduces machine downtime and production delays
  • Plate to the required thickness
  • Minimizes hydrogen embrittlement
  • Reduced effluent stream

Environmental benefits:

  • Uses less chemicals than tank plating
  • Lower electrical power consumption
  • Facilitates component salvage