At SIFCO ASC our engineers are at the heart of what we do, and for them, no single day is ever the same. To really understand what it’s like to be a SIFCO ASC engineer, we caught up with Tom Gregg, Jr. who shared insights about his role and why he’s so passionate about his work.

Having worked at SIFCO ASC for almost two decades, Tom’s knowledge – of the industry, of clients, and of processes – is hard to beat. Besides that, his ability to work flexibly and accommodate demanding shift patterns is complemented by his bespoke training and vast experience. Before getting into the selective plating industry, Tom worked in a steel mill which helped him establish essential skills which have helped him become a true credit to the SIFCO ASC team.

After joining the company in 2002, expert on-the-job training meant Tom was able to quickly transfer his skills to ensure the SIFCO Process® added value to every customer job, as well as keeping pace with the demands of the industries of his customers. Over time, Tom has worked his way up to the position of Class 1 Plater, putting him in charge of the shop floor.

A typical day

“The best way of describing my typical day is to say that no two days are ever the same,” says Tom. “Because of the portable nature of our service, we regularly have overnight trips to customers’ sites, making the process as smooth as possible for them. In practice, that reduces downtime and all the costs associated with that, as well as the hassle of enormous repair or maintenance operations. For me and the team, it can mean travelling to Kentucky, Indiana or Pennsylvania, and probably spending a couple of days on the road for each job. But customers appreciate that, and for us, it makes every job different and more exciting to work on.

“Of course, on-site customer work can introduce a few challenges. For each job we work very closely with the customer to make sure the environment is ready for us to do our work. Without that, it would be almost impossible for us to carry out our work effectively – without first cleaning the immediate area. From there, we can carry out the specific set-up required to effectively apply our process – a delicate task which becomes easier with experience so that the operation goes smoothly.

“Our customers really appreciate all of these services though. Our process and the way in which we carry it out can – and does – save them a lot of money in the long run and helps them get the most out of their critical equipment.”

Developing relationships

“In the time that I’ve been part of the SIFCO ASC team I’ve developed an excellent rapport with customers, and when they require our services, they will often ask for me by name, which is always nice as it means they’re confident in my work and that of the broader team. Naturally, once you’ve worked with customers a few times, you get to know them personally too, and that makes my work even more enjoyable. So even when I’m on the road for a few days, there’s almost always some familiar faces around.”

The enjoyment Tom gets from his day-to-day work when working with customers and visiting their sites has also been positively received by his family.

“Having spent a great deal of my career with SIFCO ASC, my family have seen how much I enjoy my work, so much so that when my son had the opportunity to join, he did. From my perspective, that speaks volumes about the type of company SIFCO ASC is, and I’m proud to see my son getting access to the same opportunities as I did and building a career with a strong company that has an equally proud heritage.”

As Tom’s – and his son’s – role evolves, they become increasingly familiar with the industry’s trends and challenges, from changes in equipment through to automation. Their experience, coupled with the expertise of SIFCO ASC, ensures they can meet many demanding applications, while continuing to provide high levels of service which are at our company’s heart.