Finding safer, eco-friendly alternatives to hard chrome plating has been a main driver of brush electroplating research for the last decade. Brush plating, or selective plating, is a localized electrodeposition technique that does not require the use of tanks and is characterized by the use of a brush to deliver solution to the cathodes. Alternative to chrome in the form of metal matrix composites (MMC) offer unique and superior characteristics to metal plating solutions including hardness, wear resistance, and oxidation protection at high temperatures. Processes have been developed and processing factors have been determined for chrome alternative MMC of Cobalt Chromium Carbide, Nickel Tungsten Carbide and Nickel Chromium Carbide. These composite coatings were deposited using a range of current densities and brush materials to assess their impact on homogeneity and performance.

Join us at 5pm on Monday, June 4 at the NASF SUR/FIN 2018 Expo where Danijela Milosevic-Popovich will review the advancements and process improvements of Cobalt Chromium Carbide, and demonstrate the research and effectiveness of Nickel Tungsten Carbide and Nickel Chromium Carbide.

Danijela is the R&D Engineer/Project Manager at SIFCO ASC. She graduated from University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in chemical engineering, then continued on to earn her Master of Engineering Management from Ohio University. Prior to joining SIFCO in 2005, she worked in the semiconductor and rubber industries.

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