World Helicopter Day is Sunday, August 19, 2018.

World Helicopter Day aims to raise awareness of the societal contributions helicopters make. When recognizing these amazing machines, we are also recognizing the industry that supports them from design, to pilots, and support.

When thinking about helicopters, rescue missions, medical transports, disaster relief efforts and media coverage may come to mind. But their use spans far beyond that. There are estimated to be over 55,000 helicopters worldwide – with almost 40% of those owned by the military. Helicopters are coveted for their take-off and landing footprint and their ability to access hard to reach areas that neither a vehicle or airplane can access.

SIFCO ASC has been supporting the helicopter industry since the mid-1970s. For over 40 years leading manufacturers have relied on the SIFCO Process® to selective plating components from tail and lifting rotor assemblies, tube assemblies, axles, bores and more.

Proven Results

The tail section pylon of a Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk helicopter experiences significant wear to the support lugs. Due to the function of the pylon – which swings and locks into place for storage or is removed for AOG maintenance – the support lugs require the cadmium plating to be touched up when the locking pins are removed. By using the SIFCO Process®, the plating operation is conducted in-place and only takes 5 minutes per lug – saving hours of downtime.

For Lord Corp., tank anodizing caused a loss of dimension on the ID of the lead lag hinge of the Bell 407 helicopter rotor assembly. While machining the bores restored the dimension, it also removed the anodic coating. Selective anodizing was chosen for corrosion protection and improved lead-times. In one day, 24 parts were completed – compared to almost four days when processed with tank anodizing.

To learn more about how SIFCO ASC supports the aerospace industry visit our aerospace webpage. To learn more about the flight of the world’s first helicopter, read our blog: “This week in history – America’s First Practical Helicopter.”

“The team at SIFCO ASC, have consistently understood our specific requirements for various aerospace maintenance and repair projects. The team’s customer service is exemplary, with good response times on enquires and flexible turnaround times on repairs. SIFCO ASC are a trusted partner of Heliwork Services and provide the quality and service we require.”