A portable, high speed process allows molders to make minor surface defect repairs in mold cavities without removing molds from the press.

Plastics molders, operating both captive and job shops, are frequently plagued with downtime due to repairs that must be made on damaged or worn molds. Conventional machine shop practices commonly employed to repair plastics molds share a serious drawback – they all require that the mold be removed to carry out the needed repair. SIFCO Process® of selective plating will allow the repair of plastics molds in-situ. This process reduces downtime substantially. Typical repairs include damaged cavities, worn gate areas, and parting lines that cause flashing of molded parts.

High-Speed Selective Plating
The process deposits metals with excellent adhesion to all classes of steel, aluminum, and beryllium-copper molds, as well as to chrome or electroless-nickel plated mold cavities.

In the following series of blogs, you’ll learn the various applications that selective plating is suitable for, including:

  • Repairing Cavity Damage
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Resizing Core Pins and Bushings
  • Flash Correction
  • Machine Maintenance