While you may be using cadmium brush plating for AOG repairs, other brush plating applications, such as nickel prebrazing, can be used throughout the OEM process.

By using selective plating for prebraze, an atomic bond is created between the deposit and the base metal, improving the wettability and increasing the brazeability of the component. The SIFCO Process® for prebraze is commonly used on inner and outer stators, seal areas, engine tail pipe pedal component assemblies, and turbine frames, sumps, blades and vanes in the aerospace industry.

Importantly, using the SIFCO Process® for prebraze meets aerospace specs AMS 2403, 2424, and 2451 and is approved by many Primes including Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce.

The SIFCO Process® can also be automated, which reduces the variances in plating, increasing quality outcomes and traceability.

To learn more about selective plating for prebraze, click here, where you will find useful downloads, videos and case studies.