SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts has received an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Product Design Assessment (PDA) for its SIFCO Process® of selective plating. This designation indicates that a technical evaluation of the SIFCO Process® has proven to be in accordance with the ABS Rules and specified, acceptable standards. An ABS PDA reduces the turnaround time for on-board surface finishing repairs and enhancements by verifying that the SIFCO Process® has already been evaluated and is suitable for use upon ABS-classified vessels.

The ABS has been setting standards for safety and excellence in the marine and offshore industries since 1862. With a team of 200 offices in 70 countries, the ABS along – with its partners – ensure that the marine and offshore energy industries can operate safely, securely, and responsibly.

Mark Meyer, North American Sales Manager states, “SIFCO is very pleased to have received our Product Design Assessment from the ABS. With our PDA, we can now take our experience and knowledge from the naval and military applications to the commercial fleet.”

SIFCO ASC is the creator of the SIFCO Process® – a unique and portable selective plating method used to enhance, repair and refurbish localized areas on components.

Selective plating plays a vital role in the Marine industry due to the significant time and cost savings it can offer in extending maintenance intervals and service life. While the process can be used in the shop to repair worn bearing journals and housings on small generators, pumps and fans; it can also be taken aboard the ship for in-place repairs of large, hard to move, components such as propeller shafts, bearing seats, and turbine casings.

The diversity of the process, deposits and applications have saved engineers thousands of dollars over the years by avoiding the expense of costly downtime, turnaround time and capital investment in new equipment.