SIFCO ASC is revising its recommended shelf life to four years for most SIFCO Process® solutions produced beginning June 1, 2021. The recommended shelf life will be written on all solution labels in the bottom left corner taking place of the expiration date. Exceptions to this recommendation are noted on individual solution Technical Data Sheets contained the SIFCO Process® instruction manual. Please note that the 2021 edition of the manual is currently under review and will be released soon; the referenced change to recommended shelf life will be included in the new edition.

Shelf life is defined as the length of time a SIFCO Process® solution should remain inside the published specification limits, provided the product has remained in the original sealed, unopened container under proper storage conditions throughout the time period.

This recommendation has been implemented to align with the current shelf life of the raw chemicals used to manufacture our solutions, meet IATA and ADR shipping regulations for plastic containers, and to align with the Good Chemical Practices for the chemical industry.

Please continue to use your current solutions on hand. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please do not hesitate to contact us..

We appreciate your continued business and support of SIFCO ASC.