It was 31 years ago on September 8, 1986, that Britain’s Prime Minister at the time, Margaret Thatcher, and Nissan’s president opened Nissan Motor Manufacturing in Sunderland, England. While previously importing Nissan into the UK, the opening of the manufacturing plant provided hope for hundreds of employees exposed to the downturn of the industrial economy. Proving to be a success, Nissan continued to expand its services in the Body Assembly, Paint, and Final Assembly lines.

In the Press Shop molds are used to press the inner and outer bodies of the vehicle into shape. One press tool is made from FC 25 Grey Cast Iron. Usually when damaged, it was repaired using a MH1 welding electrode. But in a recent instance, the damage to a leading edge of the press tool was no deeper than 15 microns. By welding or using an inlay, the mold would then need to be machined back to size, increasing the risk for errors in the mold.

The SIFCO plating process is a portable method to selectively electroplate onto localized areas. Mechanical damage ranging from pitting to deep impressions can be permanently repaired by selectively plating, using the SIFCO Process®.

Nissan Motor Manufacturing, contacted SIFCO ASC to inquire if selective plating could be used to repair the defective area, without the need for post machining. By using the SIFCO Process®, a technician was able to provide a localized repair to the damaged area by applying a thin layer of nickel-cobalt, which was polished after plating to match the texture of the press tool surface and provide proper release and wetting characteristics. The images below demonstrate the in-situ repair.

Selective Anodizing can also be used in many touch-up applications on aluminum and its alloys; resulting in improved wear resistance, corrosion protection, and improved adhesive properties for subsequent painting or adhesive bonding repair.

Happy Anniversary Nissan Sunderland! Thank you for including SIFCO ASC on your journey.

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