After a lightning strike, significant damage was caused to the crown mounted compensator (CMC) cylinder of the ENSCO 8505. The CMC is a device used to apply a constant tension to the drill string and compensate for any rig movement. The impact of the lightning strike caused a substantial gouge – the size of a coin – on the CMC cylinder and without immediate repair, the damage would cause the cylinder seals to leak; resulting in hydraulic fluid loss and the threat of significant losSIFCO Process®t production.

The solution? Selectively brush plate the damaged area in-place using the SIFCO Process®. The SIFCO Process® is highly regarded in the oil and gas industry and used on many OEM and repair applications, particularly as components can be plated in-place and on-site, which ultimately saves time in maintenance, repairs and unplanned downtime.

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), worked together with the world leader in oilfield products and services, National Oilwell Varco (NOV) to repair critical damage caused by lightning strike on the ENSCO 8505 drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico within 24 hours of arrival on site, preventing costly unplanned downtime.

Today’s Energy Solutions, sat down with Tony Arana of SIFCO ASC to learn more about this critical repair and how other companies can use the SIFCO Process®. Click here to read the full article.