Cadmium Replacements

Cadmium Replacements

Cadmium Alternatives for Selective Plating Applications

Cadmium Replacements for Aircraft Landing Gear

Aircraft Landing Gear

Today’s demanding aerospace applications require well-engineered and proven deposits that pose as little risk as possible to both the operator and the environment. SIFCO’s cadmium replacements are superior quality deposits that can be applied anywhere, in the shop or in the field.

For the aircraft industry, Zinc-Nickel LHE and Tin-Zinc are less toxic alternatives to cadmium that can be used to repair damaged cadmium, zinc-nickel, tin-zinc, and damaged IVD aluminum on high strength steels. Both deposits provide excellent corrosion protection and are LHE, and do not require a post-plating, hydrogen embrittlement relief bake.

Deposit Data

Zinc-Nickel LHE Tin-Zinc 4019
Composite 8-12% Ni 80% Sn : 20% Zn by weight
Structure Microporous Microporous
Corrosion Resistance 120 hours (ASTM B 117) 96 hours (ASTM B 117)
Average Hardness 132 HV 17 HV
Maximum Thickness 0.005 inch 0.005 inch
Plating Rate 0.043 inch/hr 0.007 inch/hr
Micrograph Zinc-Nickel-LHE-Micrograph Tin-Zinc-4019-Micro