SIFCO ASC : Testing Services

Testing for Ind & Comm Specs

SIFCO ASC offers critical testing services to support industry and commercial specifications.

SIFCO ASC has the ability to meet your testing needs in support of numerous specifications. The following is a partial specifications list:

  • AMS2424
  • AMS2403
  • AMS2451
  • Mil A 8625
  • PCS2143
  • PCS2141
  • ASTMB117
  • ASTMF519

In addition, SIFCO ASC is an approved Boeing Laboratory for Hydrogen Embrittlement testing in accordance with BAC5854, DAP9.89, DPS9.28 and PS13113.

SIFCO ASC is Nadcap accredited to perform internal testing in support of the Chemical Process Accreditation of AC7108 for the following:

  • Hydrogen Embrittlement
  • Salt Spray
  • Taber Wear
  • Adhesion  (Adhesion Tape Testing)
  • Adhesion  (Bend Test)
  • Coating Weight
  • Coating Thickness Measurement

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