On an airplane, components are subjected to extreme friction and temperature. Hence the intense focus on safety, and the demand for high performance equipment that operates at optimum levels. Therefore, to protect or enhance the performance of their components through surface finishing or electroplating, airlines must use an approved and trusted process.

Surface finishes are used across airframes, engines, landing gear and parts, and metal deposits improve corrosion protection, wear resistance, electrical conductivity, lubricity, performance and in-service life.

While tank plating and HVOF are most widely used, selective plating is often overlooked – despite delivering directly comparable results for most applications, and better performance in many. Selective plating is also the only ‘portable’ technology, meaning it’s possible to take the process to the plane, if needed, enabling a rapid repair, often in-place, without removing the component. This is the SIFCO Process®. The benefits the SIFCO Process® delivers are significant, most notably in minimizing costs and accelerating the repair process.

SIFCO ASC is a world‑leading business with a global footprint and track-record of R&D in the aerospace sector. In the vanguard of selective plating technology, SIFCO ASC introduced its market-leading SIFCO Process® over 50 years ago, gaining early acceptance by the US Navy and now comprising a family of portable electrochemical processes for use on aircraft components in both OEM and repair applications.

The case for selective plating with the SIFCO Process® is as compelling today as it has ever been.

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