Marine engineers can all agree, when the ship is in port, repairs need to begin immediately. Whether it is a damaged pump, bearing housing, propeller shaft, rotor journal, steam joint, or hatch cover, the repair traditionally needs to be completed while the ship is still in port. That limited amount of time forces the maintenance crew to prioritize what repairs they can complete now, and which ones can wait – posing potentially hazardous circumstances to the ship once it goes back out to sea.

Traditional repairs of various components of the engine room and propulsion systems include tank plating, thermal spray, welding, machining, and industrial paints. Unfortunately, most of these applications require disassembly, transportation to a nearby job shop, and the possibility for significant masking – all contributing to a potentially lengthy downtime.

This is not the case with selective plating. Rather than shipping the parts to the process, the process can be brought right to the parts. While selective plating can be applied in a dedicated workshop – or even as an automated process – its main benefit is that it is a truly portable repair service.

Portable Plating

Selective plating is an electroplating method used to enhance, repair, and refurbish localized areas on manufactured components. The SIFCO Process® is the leading portable method of selective plating localized areas without the use of an immersion tank. It is primarily used for enhancing OEM components, permanent repairs, or salvaging worn and mis-machined parts.

Unlike the relatively complex processes of tank plating and thermal spray, only four core elements are required to for selective plating: a power pack, plating tools, plating solutions and a trained operator. It can be carried in port, or on board, and even be applied in situ.

The process is also easy to learn. With proper training shipboard engineers can take on the role themselves, adding value to the shipyard’s already extensive repair services.

In today’s marine market, efficiency and speed are critical. If selective plating has not yet been in your ships repair log, it may be high tide to look into it. For more information on selective plating, the SIFCO Process®, and how you can start using it in aboard your vessel, contact us today at 800-454-4131 or at