As industries continue to look at ways to drive down costs, increase the lifespan of machinery and bring worn components back to their OEM specifications, remanufacturing is on the rise.

Predominantly used in the mining and engineering sectors for off-highway vehicles (OHVs) and heavy equipment, it’s predicted that the market size for remanufacturing components in the mining industry will reach $5 billion by 2027 (MarketsandMarkets™).

However, as the demand for mining activity across developing countries increases so does the need for equipment, and site managers want to drive down the total cost of ownership of expensive equipment. In order to do this, they need to reduce repairs and replacements, while enhancing agility throughout the mining industry – this is where remanufacturing comes in.

Why does the mining industry need remanufacturing?

Every piece of equipment in the mining industry, from the tiniest component to the largest machines are subject to unpredictable field conditions, constant stress and harsh operating environments – all of which increases the risk of wear and tear, corrosion and damage to everything from long walls to hydraulic systems and final drives.

When components and machinery aren’t properly maintained, they will break down quicker and may need to be scrapped, increasing capital equipment costs and downtime. Scrappage of these worn, corroded, or damaged components contribute to the 73 million metric tons of ferrous metal, and millions more tons of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel in the US scrap rate.

However, site managers and manufacturers can head off component failure and remove the need for scrapping equipment by introducing remanufacturing.

How can selective plating help extend operational lifespan?

While remanufacturing will help extend the operational lifespan of equipment, components and machinery still need maintenance and repairs. Without this, machinery and components will break down, causing downtime.

Selective plating is a method of repairing and restoring critical dimensions and surface properties of worn components back to OEM standards, using an array of solutions specific to the mining industry such as copper, nickel, nickel-tungsten and cobalt. Even more crucially, selective plating can be completed on site, to reduce the downtime associated with disassembly, transport and reassembly. This is ideal for components that are too large for tank plating, an area too small to mask the component for tank plating, or an in-situ repair required.

The benefits of selective plating in mining

Increased wear resistance, surface hardness and low electrical contact resistance, or corrosion protection, are just some of the benefits of the process. Other benefits include:

Maximizing uptime – and minimizing costs
Because selective plating doesn’t require extensive masking or special fixtures, this electroplating process can plate deposit between 30 to 60 times faster with no risk of part distortion thanks to the process taking place at room temperature. All of which combines to make this particular remanufacturing process a faster, more cost-effective and lower-risk option.

Remanufacturing and selective plating present a distinct way to do things better in this fast-moving industrial landscape: returning vehicles, machines, and equipment to operational effectiveness for a longer life of efficient and reliable service, with minimal downtime in the process.

Reducing environmental impact
Sustainability is at the heart of remanufacturing and brush plating fits the bill here – especially given its far lower impact compared to other surface coating methods.

Using less solution and chemicals, and generating very little waste, as well as reductions in the carbon costs of emissions, transport and shipping, it’s a more sustainable option at an ecological level. Even for workers’ health and wellbeing, the reduction in fumes and hazardous waste requiring disposal delivers a safer, healthier working environment.

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